Who We Are

Our Mission

Ministry of Awesome is the starting point for making things happen in Christchurch. We exist to create a thriving, connected, and activated city where people can follow their passions and have the support to do just that. Our work is all about promoting a culture of inclusion, positivity, and progress.

We believe that meaningful change happens when people with big ideas are connected to the education, tools, resources, and a supportive community. Collaboration is where the magic happens--where dreamers become change-makers and the community is transformed along the way.

Our Story

Ministry of Awesome was founded by the ambitious, forward-thinking team of Kaila Colbin, Sacha McMeeking, Sam Johnson, Vicki Buck with support from Grant Ryan, Jules Cone, Huia Lambie, Kimberley Gilmour, Jackson Rowland (and many more!) and Rata Foundation as a way to make things happen in post-earthquake Christchurch. At a time when no one was looking, when people had ideas and room to play, we gathered together to activate our networks, break down barriers, cut through the red tape, and enable people to contribute to our city.

Our work is currently focused on the entrepreneurial hot-bed of Christchurch, New Zealand, where the community has a unique opportunity to develop and grow their ideas while transforming the social and environmental canvas of the city. We have strong connections with national and overseas entrepreneurial ecosystems and envision a world where each community has a Ministry of Awesome connecting and activating entrepreneurs and social innovators.