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  • Startup Activation

    I have really appreciated the relevant connections and referrals the Startup Activator has given me. The support, advice, ideas and encouragement I have received have played a significant role in helping me to gain confidence to make the necessary steps to move forward with my magazine. You've made a lot of things possible, thank you so much!” - Meredith-Clare Dyer, Scroll Magazine

    "I have noticed is that it’s as if I’ve got someone looking over my shoulder. It feels like you guys are standing behind me then giving me a wee nudge whenever I start wasting time and putting decisions and tasks off." - Peter Williams, Acoustics Architecture

    "Roles like the Startup Activator are vital in supporting entrepreneurs to grow their ideas into viable businesses that can potentially provide employment for other people who also want to make a difference." - Dr. Sharon McIver, Our Daily Waste

  • Meredith
    Photo: Erica Austin
    Scroll Magazine: Meredith Dyer
  • Awesome Events

    “I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to present at the Ministry of Awesome. Following this presentation I met my business partner who has been absolutely pivotal for our business." - Camia Young, XCHC

    “Ministry of Awesome has just been so incredibly supportive, and I just go there (Coffee and Jam) to be inspired by what other people are doing.” - Katie Cowan, Symphony Law

    “Everytime you go to Coffee & Jam, you get something in return.”- Nel Robinson, Terra Street Dance

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    Photo: Jonny Knopp (Peanut Productions)
    The Wellbeing Game: Carsten Grimm
  • Awesome HQ

    “Awesome HQ has allowed us to work from within the city where more and more things are happening. We really enjoy the space and not only architecturally but the 'vibe' also. Being an open plan, shared work environment, it is a good chance to come up with new ways of approaching the space we work in. Another aspect we enjoy, is the wide range of people working here and visiting. It never gets boring.” - Diego Chellet, Co-Director, Working Studio

    "The development of our company since I started working from Awesome HQ has meant our business is more sustainable, and we feel we are directly involved in the Christchurch rebuild – something we feel very passionate about." - Heather Milne, Takahe Marketing and Design Solutions

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    Photo: Erica Austin
    Awesome HQ
"I would say that Ministry of Awesome is the single most important networking hub there is."
Lucy Bennetto, Bennetto Natural Foods Co.