Coffee & Jam #236

In this session, Jonathan Lee will enlighten us about his entrepreneurial journey and Matthew Mark will talk about the awesome work that the City Mission do for Christchurch. As it is the last Coffee and Jam event of the year, we will look back and recap some of Ministry of Awesome's achievements. 

Hailing from California, Jonathan founded Subtle Dream Photography in 2011 he is a travelling photographer and videoographer with a keen interest in environmental conservation, community development and sustainable food and urban systems. Jonathan's passions have taken him around the world in the form of learning, giving and sharing his skills.  One of his recent collaborations is with Conscious Impact, a grassroots organization dedicated to rebuilding community in a rural village in Nepal following the devastating 2015 earthquakes. Jonathan is currently in Christchurch learning about the effects of the 2010/2011 earthquakes, and how the community has responded to the crisis through grassroots initiatives, social enterprises, and putting people before economic gains while dealing with trauma and shortcomings.  

Jonathan Lee 236

Matthew has recently taken up the position of City Missioner in March this year. He is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of one of Christchurch's 'critical' organisations, he is a proud Cantabrian with a strong faith and and understands the growing need for the whole of the Christchurch community to get engaged and help on issues such as homelessness, the working poor and those suffering with some sort of substance addiction. Everyone needs to know they can have a positive impact. 

Matthew Mark 1

Coffee & Jam is Christchurch's longest running weekly meet up for entrepreneurial-minded people. It’s a great place to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things, be inspired, network, and share in an innovative space. Coffee and Jam is your opportunity to meet new people in the Christchurch entrepreneurial ecosystem and indulge in a little bit of free coffee, jam and bread.

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