Event: Coffee and Jam 148 Pitch Battle

Are you ready for this? We've invited 5 participants from various programmes: UC Centre for Entrepreneurship, Live The Dream and UC ChCh101 to participate in this one-off pitch battle! We want to celebrate young entrepreneurship in Canterbury with you so please come along and give your feedback on their ideas, pitch, and any connections you have to help them further their ventures. 


- Robbie McGregor (Live The Dream)
- Hannah Watkinson (UCE)
- Michelle Li (ChCh101)
- April McLennan (Live The Dream)
- Taylor Howatson (UCE)


Coffee & Jam is the city's longest running networking event. It’s a great place to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things, meet people, learn about other events in Christchurch. As always, there's free coffee, tea, bread, and jam for everyone!

At every Coffee & Jam, there are two speakers. One pitches their idea, project, event, or business and the other is an educational speaker who shares information for the community to share with their own networks, projects, events, and ideas. 

Have an idea and want to pitch? Contact Erica Austin at erica@ministryofawesome.com.