Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 163

At Tuesday's Coffee and Jam, we focused on celebrating brands and ethical trade in the fashion industry. We created a mini-runway for those who wore branded tees and gave them 15secs each to pitch their startup/organisation. Jared Gardiner (Liminal Apparel) and Clive Antony (Mallu) then talked about why it's important to buy ethically sourced products. 

Speaker One  - Jared Gardiner jared.gardiner@liminal.org.nz 
Liminal Apparel is a fair trade, environmentally conscious ethically made apparel company. They distribute in New Zealand and Australia. They create freedom for women in India by getting them off the streets and employing them make the clothing and bags.  They are unique in the market because they are the only free set business that creates this freedom for women.  Liminal are asking businesses to buy off them so that they can continue to provide jobs for these women in need and so that they can continue to create organic products. 
Speaker Two - Clive Antony beard@mallu.co.nz 
Mallu are a ethical street wear label that source their clothing from Liminal. They are giving people the option to wear ethically friendly clothes. They pride in being ethical and fair-trade. They currently only have an online store with their long sleeve shirts are $69 at the moment. Later in the month they are travelling over to India to see where their garments are being made. 
Shout outs 

  • - The Exchange Christchurch are running a 2 week TradeMe auction for their showcase space with $1 reserves! Click here for details.
  • - Video web series on new business in Christchurch that are 3-5 minutes long- more info at innovators@electricblue.co.nz
  • - Jade is looking for a job has skills in management and would be a bonus if there was art involved. Contact her at jadecavalcante@outlook.com.
  • - Generation Zero is hosting Beers and banter at the Space Academy on the 2nd of June at 7pm there will be beers, banter and a guest speaker 
  • - If anyone is looking for sales training go to www.topachieverssalestraining.co.nz