Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 165

Speaker One

Health-e-letics Disruptive Healthcare: Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed mazharmail@gmail.com 

Mazhar explained how technology is affecting our lives, in different aspects, and how everything is data, our patterns of shopping, places we go, our preferences are all traceable back to us. And since we have all this data available, why not extend it to Health system? Today, we have all-in-one devices, and technology is changing in a fast pace, according to Moore's Law, technology becomes obsolete every two years, but nowadays is even faster than that, taking roughly 9 months. 


However the Heath system is not following with the same pace, reasons being high costs to upgrade health equipment and the traditional ways proving to be hard to change. Mazhar proposes the Future Precision Medicine, and how we can be responsible and aware of our own health, our health history can be stored and harvested 24/7, keeping data banks updated and analysed by high end cognitive computers. All being possible by wearing microchips/ or devices, that would store and monitor, being able even to predict future problems.


Speaker Two

Andy Blackburn andy@innovationcouncil.org.nz 

Andy, from the NZ Innovation Counciltalked about NZ Innovation Awards, and how Everyday Kiwis are doing world changing things. Anyone can be nominated through their website, by answering questions online. And how this could be a way of telling your innovation story nationwide. The purpose of the NZ Innovation Council is helping innovators connect, , creating networks reaching deep in New Zealand and globally. There are 21 categories in innovation, to accommodate all sorts of start ups. The true meaning of collaboration is opening up to learn from other people, and how this can be a powerful tool in business.



  • -Mary, advertised her Pilates classes, her contact: yourspacepilates@gmail.com and her phone: 022.015.0743
  • -Regan from Chch City Council, gave me the website address, if interested to get involved go to: govhack.org.nz , pretty cool stuff! 
  • -Singularity U New Zealand invited to the breakfast launch event, Friday, 10th at 7:30 in the Epic building, Coffee and Bagels, free event, register at Eventbrite.
  • -Reuben from Mindquip also invited for his event: Equip @EPIC Organized by: Mindquip Limited 08/07/2016 5:30pm - 7pm. his contact: rrusk@mindquip.co.nz /phone: 226.749.631