Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 167

Speaker One: Bronwyn Beatty- Ara Broadcasting School Group Project Bronwyn.Beatty@ara.ac.nz

The New Zealand Broadcasting School are working on group projects and are looking for clients to create online media content for. This can include, but is not limited to Social Media and Marketing. 

The cost of the package is $500 plus any production costs (depending on the project). Students will able to get real life business experience from these projects. These projects take place through August and all work will be completed by the25th of August

Previous students from the course have worked with companies such as The Court Theatre and Horticulture NZ. 

The deadline for this is the 28th of June.

For more information please contact Bronwyn Beatty on 0212867557 or at Bronwyn.Beatty@ara.ac.nz


Speaker Two: Dorenda Britten- The Britten Institute 

The Britten Institute believes that New Zealand can be the global leaders in value creation. They provide learning opportunities and consulting services to organisations and individuals who are looking at improving or creating new products and services. Their work is driven by the fact that you do better by doing good, so they promote clarity of intent, systematic awareness, and internal coherence. By intent they mean an active, persistent approach to understanding and recognising the target. The word awareness to them means knowing your situation and enabling a timely and effective response and lastly coherence, meaning an alignment of actions and resources with the intent and values

They offer several different workshops that go into the details of design thinking and how to make learning more usefully critical. 

For more information go to britteninstitute.org.nz.