Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 166

Speaker One: Sean Brogan from Baldwins IP  Sean.Brogan@baldwins.com

Sean is an intellectual property lawyer and he advised us on where businesses sometimes fail when it comes to their intellectual property and what we can do to better protect our brands and businesses. He mentioned three main points. 

Patent - he advised to write up a non disclosure agreement to protect your invention or idea if you are talking to third parties about it. 

Trademarks- This is a registrable right but sean pointed out that a lot of people don't look into the markets they are wanting to get into to see if the trademark is able to be used worldwide. Having a trademark that you can use worldwide, if you are wanting to enter the international market will save you money and time. 

Copyright- Sean mentioned that it is important to make sure that there is a clear chain where the copyright exists when co-working on a document or idea. 

Speaker Two: Connie Christensen- initiator of Go Cycle Christchurchgocyclechristchurch@gmail.com

Go Cycle Christchruch is an initiative that aims to help more adults cycle as their mode of transport. Go Cycle provides one on one support with a volunteer who helps to find a suitable and safe cycle route for you to get from A to B. The also aim to build confidence within these cyclists. Go Cycle also host short rides around the city for new cyclists. This is a slow paced ride, through parks and quiet streets. They share tips on how to have a safer more enjoyable cycle. 

This Saturday is their next community ride at 2pm leaving from Delta House. For more information see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Go-Cycle-Christchurch-403087189878703/?fref=ts or Email:Gocyclechristchurch@gmail.com  


  • - Winter Solstice Bike ride- Tuesday 21st June, meeting at the Armagh Street Bridge at 5pm for a 5.30pmdeparture. Bring your lights and let's light up Christchurch on our bikes together. 
  • - Success Factor - They provide the tools and skills necessary for individuals and organisations to accomplish their full potential and realise their aspirations.  There are workshops coming to Christchurch soon on consultancy, personal and business coaching, Speech coaching, Facilitator coaching, Business training and Management training. For more information contact Debs Taylor-Hayhurst on 021868877 or email: debs@successfactor.co.nz 
  • - Cyclingchristhchurch.co.nz- for all information about cycling events in Christchurch and other interesting things. 
  • - GovHack NZ is coming to Christchurch on the 29th-31st July-they want your idea on what the government should do with their data. More information at govhack.org or on Twitter: @govhackchch.