Blog: C&J 158_Seize Your Moments_Ōtākaro Orchard

At this Coffee and Jam, we welcome new comers from ECAN and DOC! Stoked to see more people back in the city and engaging with the community. Janne Willems talked about Seize Your Moments and her new publication. Chloe Waretini, Community Activator at Otakaro Orchard: Community Garden and Urban Food Hub.

Janne Willems, author of Pluk Je Momenten - spoke today about what inspired her to create this book. Pluk Je Momenten is a book about Janne’s journey in collecting peoples beutiful moments from around the world. Every day Janne used to write down her own beautiful moments at the end of each day, and she questioned that if this helped her, could it also help others? This inspired her journey around the world collecting what people considered to be their own beautiful moments, which Janne eventually made into the book - Pluk Je Momenten. The book is currently written in dutch but Janne is crowdfunding for it to be translated and published in english and is keen to hear from anyone who has the resources to help in this. 

Janne can be contacted on, and you can follow her or find out more information, or on twitter @janneplukt. 

Chloe Waretini spoke today about the Ōtākaro Orchard - a half acre edible park on Cambridge Terrace in the centre of the city. The edible garden will be open to all and contain all edible landscaping, a cafe using the ingredients grown on site, a dome for growing food all year round, and event space, and educational facilities which will teach people about growing their own food. The Ōtākaro Orchard is envisioned to be a part of a 21st century Garden City, and she sees Christchurch as being a world class city that feeds it’s people. 

Chloe is looking for people to sposor the project by contributing any skills they have, donate to the casue - they have a give a little page where they are aiming to raise $250,000 by August 2016, and to champion for the project. 

More information can be found at


Shout Outs

- Happy New Zealanders  is a website aimed to encourage community engagement. They feature articles and advertisements for awesome things going on in New Zealand. If you would like to be involved, have your business or community organisation featured, or have awesome writing/photography skills which you would like to publish and promote on ths platform then

These guys have also set up a survey to get some feedback about Coffee and Jam, so if you’d like o fill this out, head

- Tickets still available for Startup Weekend - happening on the weekend of the 29th. They are especially keen for more designers. For tickets and more info go to:

- Gapfiller are looking to hire a Project Activator, part-time up to 30 hours per week. Applications closing soon so head to for more details. 

- Catarina organised an awesome Cycle Powered Cinema last weekend, and is looking for volunteers keen to help out with the next one. Contact her for more info: