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Coffee and Jam is back from break! Read more about what happened at this session.

Coffee and Jam is back from break! Today, Ryan Ridden pitched Ask a Pūtaiao (Scientist), a platform connecting our future generations to New Zealand scientists. Science literacy is declining so Ryan is looking at clever ways to keep students excited about science. Our educational speaker, Geoff Brash, wears many hats (and t-shirts) spoke about Startup Attitude: what it takes to be a co-founder of a startup company. One quote from the session was: 'Startup co-founders need to be open, curious and at same time need to be decisive without much information.' 

Ryan Ridden did his honours in mathematics and science. His idea is to create an online space where school kids could get answers to all their science related questions. Ryan aims to establish a connection between students and scientists, and foster their interest in the world around them. His idea originally started when he was doing outreach work with a school and he saw how excited the kids were to hear his answers to their questions, and how the teachers appreciated this too. 

Instead of just Googling their questions, Ryan Ridden wants to create a more personal space where kids can have their questions answered. He is currently looking for people with skills to design and develop this digital platform. He can be contacted at

Geoff Brash has a business and technical background, and is involved in the running of Startup Weekend Christchurch. He spoke today about what it takes to be a co-founder of a startup. 


He explained that the positive attributes of a startup co-founder are:

- Openness, curiosity and decisiveness,

- Being both a visionary and analytical,

- Self confidence and being able to collaborate, and

- Being serious, with the ability to have as well. 


And the negative attributes of a startup co-founder are:

- An inability to listen,

- Laziness,

- Rudeness,

- Being easily persuaded,

- Getting defensive, and

- Making excuses. 


He spoke about how things can be done differently in a start up - such as using a different business model, solution, or team structure. Basically nearly everything can be done differently, and one of the fun things is that you can challenge the way things are normally done in order to find opportunities. Startup Weekend Christchurch is being held on April 29 - 1 May 2016. More information can be found at:, and Geoff can be contacted at:



- Next week - 12th April 2016 - the Ministry of Awesome will be celebrating their 4th birthday! So come along and celebrate with us - there will be cake!!

- Logan Elliott has started - founder of Highly Flammable - has started a community for creatives. To be a part of this or to take part in a survey of his visit, or email him at:

- The Christchurch City Council are producing citizen maps. They are interested to hear what maps you would like to see them produce. To take part in their survey you can visit their website. 

- Brandi has a business idea to create a subscription model for ad blockers which would be predominantly used by bloggers. If you or anyone you know is a blogger, he would like to speak to you as part of his research into this. He can be contacted at:

- Food & Beverage Fundamentals Workshop - this will be held on Thursday 14th April 2016 from 8.30am - 5.30pm at the Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC), 99 Cashel St. Cost is $399 (plus GST) per participant (you may be eligible for a voucher to help cover the cost). For registration and more information visit:

- Brave Heart Women event - ‘Connect with other women on the 11th of each month to be, create, and collaborate’. 11th of each month at 6.30pm - 8.30pm at Hohepa Dining Hall, 23 Barrington St, Christchurch. For more information contact Kate Spencer:, 021 370 096.