Blog: Coffee and Jam 160

An extremely well attended session after an intense weekend of Startup Weekend Christchurch! Chrissy Irvine pitched Herstory and Stefan Warnaar pitched Khullu, Yak and Merino Wool Outdoor Clothing.

An extremely well attended session after an intense weekend of Startup Weekend Christchurch! Chrissy Irvine pitched herstory, where she photographs and interviews women in various roles telling their unique stories. Stefan Warnaar pitched Khullu, Yak and Merino Wool Outdoor Clothing. 

Herstory came about in 2014, telling stories about women not only their careers, but about who they are as a whole. Chrissy attended one of our Epic Caffeine Adventures seeking help and since then, it's grown into this amazing project. Herstory shows women in a variety of roles, such as Electricians, Firefighters, Call Centre Operators, etc. These stories are shared as alternative careers advice online and they also act as an archive of women’s voices. 
Chrissy runs workshops with teen mums which sees the women interviewing and looking into womens stories that they look up to - these women also having been teen mums themselves. Chrissy hopes that this will inspire teen mums and show them what they are able to achieve, whilst giving the women they are looking up to a chance to mentor and help young women who are in the position that were in themselves. 
Herstory currently needs:
1. Students for the workshops; schools? Youth organisations?
2. Funding for petrol costs, guest speakers, printing and general running costs. 
Herstory are holding an exhibition next Friday 13 May at Insitue Photo Project. For more information visit:
For more information on Herstory visit:, or on Instagram and Twitter at herstory_nz. Hash-tag: herstory_nz. 
Stefan Warnaar has founded Khulla - a high performance outdoor clothing brand made using yak wool sourced from Tibet. The idea started after his 3 month trip through Mongolia and Central Asia. He discovered that yak wool is 40% warmer, 65% more breathable, and softer than merino wool, which is used widely in New Zealand. Using sustainably sourced yak wool would bring a reliable source of income to the yak herders in Tibet. Their first product is a long sleeve 1/4 zip baselayer (190gsm 50% yak 50% merino) with the plan to develop a complete line of clothing in the future. 
They will be launching a Kickstarter on the 14th of May, with a $60,000 target. For more information visit: or you can contact Stefan at: or 027 753 6764. 


- Yudoozy - Yudoozy connects skilled freelancers with vetted employers. No middleman, no commission, no bidding for jobs. Just your hourly rate, on your terms Sign up at:
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- Alisha Brorens is a Ministry of Awesome intern and a graphic design student at Yoobee School of Design. She is finishing up her design course in a couple of weeks and is on the hunt for graphic design work - short or long term. Her portfolio is viewable, and her work history at: If you know of any work or know someone who mmight, she can be contacted at:
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- Otakaro Orchard Project - Double your donation! Until midnight Sunday all donations to their Give a Little page ( up to $10,000 will be doubled by the Canterbury Horticultural Society. Please donate and help them spread the word! 
- Innovation Heros - Join us to hear stories from our most inspirational kiwi business innovators about their journey to build great companies. Hear how they are making the world a better place one sandwich at a time, using nano paint to programme the human body to fight solid tumour cancers, making virtual reality more human with a breakthrough global platform, putting the culture back into recruitment and jet-packing our way into the future. May 11 2016, 8.00am – 10.00am at ilex Botanic Gardens - Christchurch Botanic Gardens. For more information and tickets visit: www.
- Happy New Zealanders - This is a website aimed to encourage community engagement. They feature articles and advertisements for awesome things going on in New Zealand. If you would like to be involved, have your business or community organisation featured, or have awesome writing/photography skills which you would like to publish and promote on ths platform then
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