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Developing the next generation of innovators

It is universally acknowledged that an entrepreneurial and innovation mindset are critical success factors for our next generation to succeed in the 21st century career landscape. Furthermore, NZ needs an exponential increase in capable and ambitious talent who will be the future founders of our as yet undiscovered industries and their accompanying high value jobs. Ministry of Awesome has now delivered startup and innovation short programmes to more than 1200 secondary school and tertiary students around our region. This programme is designed to drive student entrepreneurship and innovation capability as well as providing immediate role models and inspiration for potential startup ventures.


Lab5 is a programme we have delivered to year 10 boys at Christ’s College since 2016.  The programme is an immersive and applied opportunity for students to innovate around a specific city problem and design workable solutions.  It’s quick, high pressure, inspiring and teaches students how to innovate, problem solve, and use startup methodology to build a venture as part of a team.  

Innovation programmes @Ara Institute of Technology

Ministry of Awesome has been working alongside Ara Institute of Technology to develop entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, and startup development capability across the 14,000 strong learning community.

Our programmes provide students with real world startup methodology while providing applied learning and working opportunities alongside the high growth startups who are part of the Te Ōhaka startup incubation programme.

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