Activator Caffeine Adventure #22

Are you trying to start a company or a social enterprise? Working on a new idea?


Activator Caffeine Adventure (ACA) is an opportunity to seriously discuss your idea with our Start-Up Activator. Sign up for a 30-minute time slot (first come, first serve) and let the ideas flow!


ACA takes place on Thursday 17th Aug from 2 pm at Awesome HQ (192 St. Asaph Street)


Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a 30-minute appointment that works for you.

  2. On the day, bring your idea and anything you want to showcase, share or discuss (notes, dreams, drawings, websites, photos, presentations, JUST YOU are all welcome materials!)

  3. Show up on time and be ready to have FUN!

We created this opportunity to tell us what you’re up to and brainstorm where to go from here. It can be any idea/project/event/business. Don’t be afraid to say where you need help or ask silly questions. 30 minutes goes by quickly and the clock starts whether you are there or not.

We look forward to chatting about what you’ve got brewing. 

To register click here


Non-disclosure agreements happily signed by Ministry Awesome Team

See you there!