EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #208

We welcome the incredible Kaila Colbin to Coffee and Jam #208 today, and our first week of Lab 5 2017! 


First Speaker(s): Lab 5 - Christ's College - Week 1

Today is day two, week one of Ministry of Awesome’s own Lab 5. Lab 5 is a youth accelerator programme that disrupts the standard education system and gives students a taste of the entrepreneurial network in Christchurch. Today we have the teams from Lab 5, week one, presenting their one minute pitches on the ideas they will be developing throughout the week.

Fresh Boost acknowledges that there are far too many adverse consequences linked to sugar, alcohol and caffeine. This is why they want to create a healthy alternative to these beverages by inventing a natural drink that is sugar, caffeine and alcohol free. Fresh Boost are exploring the possibility of adding natural, sugar-free flavours to their drinks.

City Recreation is passionate about bringing fun, accessible recreation back to the city of Christchurch. This is why City Recreation wants to install sport playing courts throughout the city for the general public to use. Along with public access, tournaments will be organised, where money from event registration will be donated to a charity of choice every year.

Supreme Fitness consider obesity is a serious problem facing society, however they believe they can positively impact the epidemic. Supreme Fitness wants to create a community gym where people can feel comfortable and safe while working out. The gym would offer group sessions, special support and specialised nutritional advice to help customers improve their health. 

Beyond Earth wants to support homeless and under privileged people by creating a warm, water-proof jacket made of recycled materials. They would use a one-for-one business model, so when a jacket is purchased in store, a second would be donated to the less fortunate.

Our Lab 5 teams will be pitching their final presentations this Friday 26th May from 10:30am - 12pm. Come along to the Epic Innovation Campus to support some young minds and see what they have come up with by the end of the week!


Second Speaker: Kaila Colbin, NZ ambassador of Singularity University, Chair person of MoA

Singularity University is a BCorp based in Silicon Valley. They help the world’s leaders of tomorrow to better understand exponential technologies and the challenges of our world so we can thrive in the future. So what are exponential technologies? Exponential means something doubles / halves at regular intervals. Exponential technologies are when price / performance of technology progresses at an exponential rate: The price halves at regular intervals while performance doubles. 

Back in the 1900’s, the first computers were slow and expensive. They could only process a small amount of instructions per second. Now in 2017, the number of instructions processed is more than 100million per second, meaning computers are very fast. Computer chips have become increasingly powerful while costing less. The technology that runs your phone now, is more powerful than the technology that took humans to the moon.

SUNZ has been doing some exciting research. The price performance of beef and chicken has been increasing at a linear rate since 1900. (Linear means growth / deflation that is continuos and predictable.) In 2014, Beef prices reached an all time high of $14.04 NZD per kg. In 2013, a lab grown steak cost around $462,601.50 NZD. Now in 2017, a synthetically grown steak can be purchased at only $113.90 NZD.

Singularity University New Zealand are currently working on an executive programme that will run in Auckland later in the year. They are running an Australian summit, which will be a 3 day event in Sydney at the International Convention Centre. You’ll also want to keep your eyes and ears peeled for a unique global event in our very own Christchurch at some point soon!



Mano Fair Trade is an awesome social enterprise that only launched a couple of weeks ago. They sell beautiful crafts, products and textiles, ranging from anything like a bag to a bowtie. These products are hand-made by talented women in Guatemala. Check out Mano Fair Trade on Facebook and support this awesome cause!

A Pink Ribbon Breakfast is being held this Saturday from 9am - 12pm at Stellar Restaurant, 233 Papanui Rd. There will be live entertainment from The Curio Club (band) and Lizzi Tollemarch (Rollicking Entertainment) as well as some awesome speakers such as Betsy Mahoni. Tickets are $10. Find the event here. If you are a business and want to donate a small prize to the event such as a gift voucher or pink flowers, contact Vicki on 027 4388 149

SAP Social Sabbatical for Regional Engagement is prestigious software company who for the next two weeks are sending employees to do skilled volunteering in Christchurch. These volunteers will be working specifically to build capacity off four social enterprises and partnership with the Akina foundation. They will be working with Ethique, Science Alive, Kilmarnock and Cultivate Christchurch, so support online and the process with the hashtags @sap4good @sapanz @pyxeraglobal #socialsabbatical @akinafoundation 

AI Meetup Christchurch  - Monday 29th May there will be a meetup themed around ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Arts’ from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Find out more information here

Magdalena Lorenzo is an amazing lady from Uruguay and a native Spanish speaker. If anyone needs help translating a website, communicating in Spanish or setting up business overseas, Magdalena is happy to help. Contact her on 027 755 4900 or email her on ponona@gmail.com 


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If you have an idea you'd like to pitch get in touch with Gina at gina@ministryofawesome.com.