EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #211 SEWF Special

Coffee and Jam #211 – Social Enterprise Focused


First Speaker: Jason Pemberton – Akina Foundation, SEWF 2017

Jason invites us to attend the tenth annual Social Enterprise World Forum that will be held in Christchurch from the 27 to the 29th of September this year. This is a 3-day global conference that includes 40 sessions, across 7 venues, with 120 different speakers. This year’s theme is Ka Koroki Te Manu - Creating Our Tomorrow, and this will be the largest SEWF ever held.

Essentially social enterprises internationally are about ‘doing more good stuff every day’, and how you can make a positive impact in the world. SEWF is an invitation to a way of doing business that makes the world better in EVERY way, aiming to make good gentle footprints - and solid handprints in everything they do (footprints can be many things, environmental impacts, where you procure your goods, the pay the staff receive, and the people involved for examples).

So – why NZ? NZ has the largest amount of charities per capita in the world – there is one charity for every 40 people in the country, essentially… we CARE about things. On top of that 80% of our GDP is made up of Small to Medium Enterprises and often owner-operated businesses – but our legal structure doesn’t actually support these businesses to make good footprints – that’s where SEWF looks to make a difference. It will take roughly half a million dollars to deliver this event, so it’s a good opportunity to ensure we make good footprints/good handprints in the facilitation of this, for example, the booklets that will be handed out are produced locally and made 100% out of waste materials.

How can we help? BUY TICKETS!! Just over 600 sold already (30 countries represented) – best way to help is to come and support the speakers and get amongst it. The team are also working alongside local cafes and Iwi to co-ordinate some events potentially in the weekends before and after SEWF, and would love to get a marketplace going with varied food and product vendors within the triangle of venues – so if you’re keen to co-ordinate this, get in touch with Jason!



Lab 5 Student Pitches:

(year 10 students having a week in the Social Enterprise/Entrepreneurial world)

Smartline: Solar Powered Mono-rail

  • Looking towards a better future for Chch transport

  • Work to connect people outside of chch to chch central

  • Target audience involves locals/tourists/eco-warriors


Powder Hunters: App similar to Uber but for skiers to get a ride up the mountain

  • Currently issues with youth’s unable to drive themselves and adults unsure about driving on mountain roads

  • There is a competitor (Snow pool) but they are ‘not great’, not well used, or well-advertised, with no pay or reward for drivers.

  • They would market themselves at Ski events, advertise at Ski shops and fields.

  • Riders would choose it because it’s easy and cheap, drivers would get involved due to rewards/prizes (sponsored by ski fields and ski shops)



MLS: Modular Laptop System

  • Customisable laptops - from customisable keyboards to screens etc,

  • These laptops would include a number of removable replaceable components.

  • Target customers would be value minded people, and PC enthusiasts who enjoy customising their own systems


Idea Lobby: Website for people with Business ideas but no time or money to make them happen

  • People often have an idea or a problem they want to solve, but no time and money to initiate the venture/solution.

  • This would be a website where people can put forward their ideas or solutions, and people who want to help that do have time and/or money to fund the idea can contact the idea initiator to get the ball rolling


Power Ducks: Lack of awareness about renewable energy + lack of entertainment in Chch.

  • Produce creative spaces around the city, and use the space for creating music, whilst for advertising renewable energy.

  • Spaces can be powered by solar panels. Use Tactile tiles in a fun, friendly environment and make a competition to see who can generate the most energy

  • This would all be facilitated through an online platform, plus people could add music that has been created in these spaces.



Second Speaker: Tim Jones - Grow Good

Tim Jones is known quite simply as “the grow good guy”, it’s his personal one-man mission to make NZ the most purpose driven country in the world, essentially – we ALL need to grow more good in the world. Find your passion and turn it into something you can work for.

We are choosing to live in a world where a lot of things we disagree with end up occurring regardless, or get given positions of power, and we just let it happen. The reason this so often occurs is the notion that we are all on a “pre-determined path in life” – and we don’t challenge it. As Tim so eloquently put it - “the culture we accept is the one we are willing to walk past” – by not acting against things we don’t agree with, by not speaking up – we’re essentially allowing these things to happen and agreeing with them.

There are 5 main things people regret when their time is nearly up – 1) I wish I let myself be happier; 2) I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends; 3) Not expressing how I really felt; 4) I wish I didn’t work so hard (let’s be honest you’re not going to remember that awesome spreadsheet you made in 1998); 5) I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others think I should have led.

Tim himself has gone through a massive transition to make his life more purpose driven and to take a stand against things he disagrees with. Schooling was a big thing – boys from his school became professionals, and “I never challenged my path”. He became a salesman, made lots of money selling medical products but became more and more disturbed by the fraud/insurance issues with Doctors in NZ, and the selling of not-ready-to-be-released medications without a care… You can either accept it, OR you say this is not good enough - I don’t want this – and that exactly what he did.

Tim’s a big believer in the fact that we ALWAYS have a choice – he challenges us to think about what is the thing you care enough about to stand up and say it’s not ok, and it has to change? Every single day you get to choose the world we live in. It’s the ordinary people that will change the world – not the kings and the rulers.

Shout Outs

  • THE COMMUTING BOOK: Magdalena needs more books - ANY books, to add to public spaces; please contact her at thecommutingbook@gmail.com or on 027 755 4900

  • Connie @ Go Cycle Chch is encouraging any cycling newbies or nervous riders to a free Slow Confidence Ride for Adults on Sat at 2pm – meet by the police kiosk in town, bring your pals along. Also Wednesday next week is the mid-winter solstice this will be off road – wear/use as many lights as possible! Meet by the Armagh Street Park

  • Cycle transport survey underway at the Christchurch City Council at the moment – go to website and have your say (this gentleman did not leave his details and I am unable to find link on CCC website etc)

  • Michele – her house is needing EQC repairs, she is looking to house sit if possible, able to provide great references, will be out of their place for 4-5months. Please contact MPMoore@actrix.co.nz if you have any housing options for Michele!

  • Christchurch Folk Club - Live acoustic music – head down to Domain Tce, or check out www.folkmusic.org.nz for more info and upcoming events!

  • Delicious New Zealand made Guide Biscuits available for your morning tea, free delivery for Christchurch businesses. Profits support Girlguiding, New Zealand’s oldest girls organisation empowering our future leaders. 3 flavours available – Original, Chocolate and Mini Choc. $3.50 per packet, 3 for $10 or buy them by the carton of 18 packs for $50 and get a free cookie jar for your office. Contact biscuits@girlguidingnz.org.nz to order.

  • The launch of Climate Declaration at XCHC Exchange from 3 to 5pm – check fb page and website for further info!

  • MOA Design Jam: Design Jam is a 48hour design challenge (free event!) that brings architectural, design, community, entrepreneurial and sustainable minds together to come up with potential solutions for the Otakoro Avon River corridor former red zone (30/06/2017 – 02/07/2017).


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