EVENT RECAP:Coffee and Jam #215

Speaker One: Eve Lafferty// Child and Youth Friendly Otautahi Initiate

They are the heart of our community, they are the foundation of our cities future, they use many spaces and places and they use many services. Yet surprisingly, they have very little say in decision-making processes that affect them.  Who are we talking about? Children and young people.  

The Child and Youth Friendly Otautahi Initiative are here to give them a voice. They realise that children should be at the heart of decision making, as decisions made now are going to affect future generations much more than the adults in our society.

There are in fact 900 children friendly cities around the globe. It is a movement initiated by UNISEF and it is about putting the UN Convention on the rights of the child into practice in the city. NZ signed the UN Convention in 1993 and yet we still have many children living without their basic needs being met. The initiative chooses to focus on these children in Christchurch, as they know the outcomes for them are much worse than for those in the general population.

So, how are they making a difference? They have three action areas which include mobilising, empowering and advocating. They mobilise by supporting organisations, businesses and individuals to run projects that make a real practical difference. They empower by giving children and young people a voice through consultation and participation.  They also advocate by monitoring well-being, promoting awareness and rights and also better policies and decision making. An example of this is the recent influence they had on the council in offering free swimming lessons for those who can’t afford them and also free pool entry for all children.

So, what can you do? Some ways you can help are to either donate money or a new recreational item to a place that benefits disadvantaged children. If you have a business you can also offer discounted services and products or sponsor a specific child. You can also work as a mentor to create work experience for 16-18 year olds. This is your chance to play a part in how Christchurch develops as a city by working with the future generations.

Are you in? Email the action team at action@childandyouthfriendlychristchurch.org.nz or check out www.childandyouthfriendlychristchurch.org.nz.

Speaker two: Rebecca Davidson// Fearless Entrepreneurs

What would it take for success to be your reality? Rebecca Davidson is an intuitive coaching mentor, a founder of Intuitive Life Academy and creator of the Money, Sex and Soul program. She believes that success is not an accident but a decision. Decision means to ‘cut off from’, so to be successful, all you need to do is cut away all that stands in the way of you moving towards that.

What might stand in your way of being a fearless entrepreneur? Back in school, they didn’t teach us emotional intelligence. There is a lot of emphasis placed on ‘book intelligence’ but this doesn’t always get you far as an entrepreneur. For example, if someone says they ‘are fine’ you may know they are not from intuitive intelligence. In business, when you are with a client, they are a human-being so you need to use this intelligence and focus on their energy.

This can relate back to quantum physics. You are an isolated field of energy, to be successful as an entrepreneur; you need to increase your energetic vibration.  On the scale of consciousness, every emotion has an energetic frequency. You can have a contracted (guilt, fear, apathy, shame) or expanded (liberation, synchronicity, joy) energy. To expand your energy you need to increase your consciousness, to develop your intuitive intelligence.  

Relating this back to business, you can use your intuition to find new clients and to make earning money easy and pleasurable. If you have contracted energy, as an entrepreneur you need to face your fear every day. When fear comes into your world, you usually turn in down in the form of procrastination. You need to in fact run towards this fear, even though it may feel counter intuitive, as there in power to be reclaimed. When you move outside of your comfort zone, you expand your energetic frequency and manifest what you want.

Do you have the courage to face your fear and have it all? Go to the link http://intuitivelifeacademy.com/ to arrange a free half hour session to identify what’s holding you back.


  1. Unlock your inner entrepreneur and enrol in a free business growth course. For more information contact Julie at Julie.fallsanderson@twoa.ac or 021 2555 059. You can also check out the website at twoa.ac.nz.

  2. If you’re interested in the redzone, there is a Christchurch Conversation series coming up on July 20th. The guest speaker is Christina Hill from Brooklyn University who is coming over to talk about sea level rises. You can also watch the live steam on the Regenerate Christchurch FB page.

  3. Lisa from Little Musicplay is offering a free introductory music class. You can register by contacting 021 767 967 or hello@littlemusicplay.com. You can also check out the FB page at LittleMusicPlay.

  4. Develop confidence and speaking skills by signing up for an improvisational theatre class with Lafond Anthony. Contact him on 027 462 6128 or Anthony-lafond@orange.fr.

  5. A recent graduate from the University of Canterbury majoring in Media and Communications, Hayley is looking for an entry level position. She is also currently interning at MoA! You can contact her on 027 717 3840 or hayleyferigo@gmail.com.

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