EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #217

Speaker One: Jake Crouchley & Matt Marffy// Lab3 

Lab3 is a Christchurch based software development startup. They bring ideas to life by solving problems using software. They do this by providing general software development and through that offer web development from start to end, mobile development using native platforms like iOS and Android and also work with cross-platform technologies like Ionic and React Native. 

They are made up of a team of 4 graduates from Canterbury University, three of which studied software engineering and one who studied computer science and are based out of Greenhouse. 

The team aware of their strengths and weaknesses and incorporate that into everything they do. They bring a fresh perspective to a rapidly changing market as recent university graduates and with that comes a desire to stay ahead of the curve with regards to new technologies. With their youth also comes a sense of creativity and ambition, and the try and work together with their clients to explore different and new avenues of development.

Some of their projects so far include creating software for The Student Volunteer Army and Circuband.  Lab3 are a really close team who have worked on projects together as a four person team for roughly four years.

To get in touch go to Lab3.co.nz 


Speaker Two: Marie Johnston// Avoid the Split 

Culture By Design is a business that helps organisations have a more healthy aligned culture. Marie Johnston explained that culture is immensely powerful, that every organisation has one and that many leave their culture to chance. Culture by Desingn encourage organisations to start thinking about its culture from the very start. 

Marie mentioned an 'organisational split'. This is where the why and what of an organisation eventually grow apart from each other and things like trust start to disappear. If organisations start to take an approach to the culture at an early stage they can avoid this "split". 

If you are a young business or start-up here are some tips on where to start and points to think about. Marie referred to these tips as the 4 heavy hitters

1. Your purpose and strategy: What is it that you do that makes you special? 

2. Your values: Give them the attention that they deserve.

3. Leadership: Be consistent with your leadership and the leadership of those you hire. 

4. Your secret sauce: The concept of who you are/ your uniqueness. 

Weave culture into the fabric of your organisation. 

For more information on organisational culture go to www.culturebydesign.co.nz





1. Angus Whitehead is looking for a job in software engineering. You can email him at anguswhitehead@me.com 

2. Juli Gruekin provides GF, vegetarian and vegan catering. She also has Yoga classes every Tuesday from 6pm-7pm at the YMCA in Bishopdale. You can contact her at jgrueskin@yahoo.com or go to www.juliagrueskincom . 


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