EVENNT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #218

Speaker One: Anna & Sam from Imagination Station 

Imagination Station is a creative and imaginative space in the heart of Christchurch city. It was founded 2.5 years ago and was only meant to be a temporary pop up initiative. However, it had such a great response from the community that they managed to get more funding and have had over 55,000 visitors through each year, of which 5000 are school students. 

Imagination Station is a space where children or adults can learn about robotics, go for afterschool care or do team building exercises like lego building. 

Sam mentioned some of their values were working towards bringing more people into the central city and encouraging creative play. They are currently trialing educational programmes but have found that young kids "just want to use their stuff to make their imaginations into reality".  

They are currently developing a business model to help them have a more sustainable future and are looking into corporate partnerships. At the moment they rely heavily on their volunteers with a team of 25-30 regulars that help out each week. 

One of their main challenges is marketing. As they don't have a lot budget for marketing they are looking for ways to increase awareness. Imagination Station has big plans for 2018 so make sure you follow their Facebook page to keep in the loop. 



Speaker Two: Jeremy Teague// Energy Messengers 

JT pitched his business Energy Messengers a bike courier service that specialises in getting your urgent, time critical, central city deliveries delivered on time and without hurting the environment. 

After bike touring in Europe and being a bike messenger for several years in London JT decided to bring the idea to Christchurch. Established in November 2011, Energy Messengers is made up of a team of 3 people who either ride a cargo bike for bigger deliveries or a standard bicycle for the quicker jobs. 

Why choose a bike courier? They are fast. They don't get stuck in traffic because they can use the bike lanes. They are environmentally friendly and they help your business save time as they stick to time-related deadlines. Energy Messengers has a variety of delivery options : 

1 hour= $7 

1/2 hour= $10

15 minute= $15 

5 minute= $50


Energy Messenger encourages being environmentally friendly by supporting  Trees For Canterbury. They do this by selling bike caps. They are $45 each and every $5 is donated which plants one tree. 


They are a small, local, friendly and fun business to deal with who truly love their jobs and enjoy every aspect of their work.

If you would like more information or need something delivered head over to their website. 



1.Angus Whitehead is looking for a job in software engineering. You can email him at anguswhitehead@me.com 

2. Dscover24 is a total fitness and nutrition gym that has opened up at 7 Lincoln Lane, Addington. If you would like a free workout contact Tesh on 0223224226. 



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