EVENT RECAP:Coffee & Jam #220

Speaker One: Central City Street Party/Urban Regeneration


Urban Regeneration is an initiative from Christchurch City Council, which started off after the earthquake, to help foster a sense of belonging. The current concept is similar to other international initiatives, such as ‘Street for Everyone’ and attracts a lot of people as it is a family friendly event.

What is the deal?

Basically, Urban Regeneration are closing the street and you are filling it! The event is meant to showcase the current social innovation projects around the city and help you explore the beauty of the little things going on in your city. Moreover, you are able to use a space for one day to promote and demonstrate your talents or ideas! Some of the current activities are 3 vs. 3 basketball, markets, dancing, walking tours, live graffiti and several other live performances. It will be a zero waste event and aims to strengthen a sense of identity. The events will take place between Manchester, Gloucester, Fitzgerald on the 1st of October between 9am-5pm. In order to succeed and thus strengthen the sense of identity, Urban Regeneration needs your help! If you have a brilliant idea to fill a space, or simply want to help out as a volunteer, you can send an email to UrbanRegeneration@ccc.govt.nz.


Speaker Two: Death Cafe by Melanie Mason


Death Cafe is an organisation which was set up 18 months ago and aims to provide people the opportunity to talk about death and all that comes with it over coffee and cake. Death is not talked about in current day-to-day conversations as we perceive it to be unpleasant and requires people to show their vulnerabilities. However, this results in people being unable or unprepared to deal with death and grief.

So what is talked about? The Death Cafe does not just deal with grief and should not be perceived as counseling, special support or advice that should be followed. The Death Cafe also deals with questions around the preservation of bodies and the laws around this, discusses the role of doctors at the end of life, cost of saving a life, explores cultural differences around death and grief and ways of burial and organ donation. The aim is to open up about death, in order to enable people to embrace life more. This change requires conversation, which exactly what Death Cafe offers. The Death Cafe’s take place every last Sunday of the month. If you would like to come, you can sign up at www.meetup.com/Christchurch-DEATH-CAFE.


  1. Angus Whitehead is looking for a job in software engineering. You can email him at anguswhitehead@me.com or give him a call at 0226092740

  2. Allanah is looking for a space to host a party for 80-120 people. It will take place on a Saturday night in November and should be central(ish). You can send your recommendations to colandallanah@gmail.com


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