EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #221

At this session, we have our Lab5 students pitching their new ideas and Prudence Walker pitching Celebrate Us. 

Speaker One: Lab5

Lab5 is a youth accelerator programme that disrupts the standard education system and gives students a taste of the entrepreneurial network in Christchurch. In just one week, they rapidly prototype an idea in an area where they see has a problem that they can solve. Below is an overview of the ideas that the students pitched at Coffee and Jam.

Youth saving Youth

The idea is to set up an youth centre where youngsters experiencing difficulties can come to talk about their problems and have a safe space to go to.  Counsellors will be returning youth, who through the youth centre have been helped to get back on track or found a fun and safe place which provides support throughout a tough time.

Over-population Education

Overpopulation is becoming more and more apparent all over the globe and is a development which affects the entire world. To combat the issue, this team has come up with the idea to create education centers and a website to educate the regions with a high-growing rate in order to decrease the grow rate of the populations.

Youth Voyage

This idea aims to tackle the growing problem of youth binge drinking and drugs abuse. An app will be created to promote activities which will keep the youngsters busy and get them outdoors. The events on the app will be mostly free of charge and connect them to community facilities, such as the table tennis table at re-start mall, but will also try cover sponsored activities with a discounted price.


Speaker Two: Prudence Walker - Celebrate Us

Celebrate Us is an inclusive, accessible music concert on the 2nd of December from 13-20 at the empty lot at Madras St., between Arma and Gloucester. It aims to showcase access and inclusion in a fun way. 1 out of 4 people in NZ are disabled and do not have the same access to services, or opportunities as other people. Prudence has experienced this herself and has since started to get involved in setting up activities to create awareness and provide opportunities. With this, she hopes to bring about social change and influence how this is done.

Celebrate Us is still looking for all kinds of help, such as people who can help with event management, marketing and social media, or are passionate about photography and film. There are loads more things to be done before the event and during the event, so if you can be of any help, make sure to reach out to them! You can contact then at celebrateus@ccsdisabilityaction.co.nz and make sure to check them out at fb.com/NZCelebrateUs



Satori Mayell is looking for a parttime job in the service or retailing industry and has had barista training and has relevant experience in these sectors. Get in touch with her via mail, satori@cookietime.co.nz  or call her on 0275300097 

Jix Ltd, Biz Dojo are looking for a c# webdeveloper. You can send an email to sakthi@jix.co.nz.  

Steven Moe has written a Social Entrepreneurship Legal Handbook, which will be released soon and available for free. If you are interested, you can mail him at stevenmoe@parryfield.com. 

Angus Whitehead is looking for a job in software engineering. You can mail him at anguswhitehead@me.com  or give him a call at 0226092740.

Shaun is part of MagentaDot Brands, who specialise in logo’s and webdesign. Contact him at shaun@magentadotbrands.com or check out their website www.magentadotbrands.com. 



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If you have an idea you'd like to pitch get in touch with Gina at gina@ministryofawesome.com.