EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #229

In this session, join us as Steve Brooks shares his awesome story behind Dream, Believe, Succeed and be enlightened by Kate Ligget from Engage.

Speaker One:  Steve Brooks of Dream, Believe, Succeed.

Steve Brooks started when he was twelve as an entrepreneur, as he went to the dump, gathered bike parts and sold worked up bikes. That was not making him a millionaire so at age 14 he became a real estate agent and at age 15, he had fully started his own business and at age 16 he got his own house. There was and it was a huge amount of work, and he stuck with it. He developed a portfolio, and then the General Stock Crash happened.

However, he had a new business idea, and managed to get deal with partner within three weeks, it was a tax-refund business and grew quickly. With the 2012 earthquakes, his bar was destroyed and he started looking to new adventures and has managed an enormous growth over the past years.  

Dream Believe Succeed is a competition by students, and young entrepreneurs. It was a $5000 grant first, grew from Christs College and has now expanded to a $100k competition with extensive mentoring on the side. It will be $20.000 cash, $60.000 for branding, $10.000 accounting package and $5000 legal expenditure. Steve sees it as his way of giving back to young entrepreneurs, between the age of 15-23. The deadline for application is on the 16th  of December. It can be any stage idea, and you write a brief business plan throughout the project. For more information, check out the site dreambelievesucceed.co.nz!


Speaker Two: Kate Liggett – Engage

Kate Liggett is a serial hobbyist and is organizing a summer retreat for your inner nerd covering how to do life action play, archery, martial arts and much more.

As she lived in New York – the City that never sleeps – in her 20s, she often had migraines and a  project list of a mile long. She had a pessimistic view towards achieving the goals she had set, which was obstacle to being productive and getting that list done.

In 2014, the month of November, changed that within one day. A friend send her a link to the opportunity to write certain amount of words each day and have a novel in the end. Writing had always been a passion and on that Sunday list. She did it that day, instead of procrastinating and continued to tick off things of the list. She traveled the world at age 29 and that is how she ended up here in Christchurch.  This enabled her to identify three core values: embrace fear and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish, never stop learning, thus try out things and allow yourself to be inspired and be open to change, as it can create even bigger opportunities.

A couple of things she has learned so far is that ignorance is bliss, and it is sometimes better to not know how much work something is, taking it one step at a time helped to keep the ball rolling and keep track of progress and that in the end, it is going to be worth it, simply because of the journey there.

The summer retreat can help to step out of your comfort zone and start on your Sunday list and inspire creativity and a positive outlook on life. It will be held from Feb 9-11th at Mt. Hutt Retreat. Sleeping bags should be taken with, food can be provided for a price, this can be found on the website http://goEngage.nz or look up EngageRetreat on Facebook.

Life action role playing, archery, martial arts are some of the activities covered. Activities are to be registered for, and you can always pick between indoor or outdoor, and there will be several running at the same time. Currently it is fnd your own way there, but looking into bus possibilities, as it is an hour away. You will probably be surrounded by 40-50 awesome people, who are interested to do something new and it is a fun and friendly atmosphere. There will also be some giveaways during the weekend, which just makes the event even more spectacular!




Angus Whitehead is looking for a challenge in software engineering. You can email him at anguswhitehead@me.com  or give him a call at 0226092740. 

Annika is looking for social enterprise to work at. She has great organisation skills and has a background as a social worker. She also has some knowledge about administration. If you know an awesome opportunity for her, feel free to share it with her via email Annika.Nebel@gmx.de


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