EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #239


During this session, Sarah & Rebecca pitched Pampered Pooch Boutique to us and Craig Jones, Managing Director at Corbel Construction, shared his top tips for any startup or business. 

Speaker One: Sarah and Rebecca from Pampered Pooch

Rebecca & Sarah are the co-owners and founders of Pampered Pooch, which specialises in selling gentle, effective and fragrant dog care products such as shampoos, conditioners and detangling serums. They have recently taken the leap of quitting their day jobs. Their plans are to move to a slightly different business model that will enable them to run the company from anywhere on the world. This year Pampered Pooch will be going through a full rebrand and releasing a new line of products. Sarah & Rebecca also plan to dip their toes into the Australian market this year, and see themselves exporting to North America in the future.

Here are their top five lessons so far:

  1. It’s all about finding balance. How are you going to build this business around your life?

  2. You have to take everything with a grain of salt. While getting advice is always great, you have to remember that what your mentors or advisors say is not the gospel.

  3. Your todo list will always be miles long, so you have to prioritise. You can only eat the elephant one bite at a time.

  4. Be careful who you collaborate with. While some people may have all the awards and talk all the talk, do they fit well with your company? Do your research.

  5. You are always going to be approached with opportunities. Definitely consider them, but make sure you are only pulling out and engaging in the ones that align with your vision and that are going to be of the most value to your company.


Speaker Two: Craig Jones, Managing Director at Corbel Construction

Craig has been involved in multiple different businesses of all different kinds, but more recently founded Corbel Construction, where he is the current General Manager. Craig believes that business is business no matter the shape or size - and that the same basic rules apply as a base to every kind of business. He shared some of those rules at Coffee and Jam today;

  • Learn to express your idea clearly and concisely

  • Pay yourself; you need to be able to make a living out of your business

  • Surround yourself with good people

  • Take small steps and have realistic deliverables and a realistic budget

  • Be open minded and flexible, but stick to your bottom line

  • Be confident and sell your idea

  • Don’t be afraid to admit you failed and pivot


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