Coffee & Jam #255 SHOUTOUTS

Coffee & Jam is Christchurch's longest running weekly meet up for entrepreneurial-minded people. It’s a great place to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things, be inspired, network, and share in an innovative space.

Join us for our 255th Coffee and Jam session. You'll get your weekly dosage of inspiration and see what is happening in the Christchurch Startup and innovation ecosystem.


Once again we'll have the pleasure to hear from the Lab5 boys of Christ's College, this is the 4th week of the programme, but a first for this cohort. The boys have devised an idea to target a real world problem of their choosing, and they'll need your support and feedback to help them develop their solutions. Drop on in to support them and you can even network with the boys afterwards.

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 We'll also hear from Chris Thomson, presenting the Butterfly Cup. ButterflyCup has patents granted for its innovative method of closing a paper cup. ButterflyCup eliminates the need for plastic lids, thus reducing the associated drips, leaks and splashes, giving consumers a more enjoyable and relaxed drinking experience. Cup lids account for over 100 tons of plastic waste per day worldwide, so each saved lid helps protect our environment! There is a further reduction in carbon footprint by reducing logistics, transportation and waste disposal requirements.

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1) Social Experience is having their Wrap Up Event on Thursday (21/6) at 18hrs at the Greenhouse. Tickets are free, but you must register on Eventbrite. Snacks included! Find out more at

2) If you're interested in skills for the future and applying learning technologies to help prepare for the future, check out the Future of Learning Conference on July 9. Find out more at
3) Faye is looking for motivated, self-starters who are looking to start their own income generating business on the side. You can reach her at 0221086649.
4) Alla Balahnicova, is interested in employment opportunities, she has experience in managerial international hospitality, sustainable business building model, business coordination, and has a Masters in Real Estate . Please contact her at 02108012903 or



Coffee and Jam is your opportunity to meet new people in the Christchurch entrepreneurial ecosystem and indulge in a little bit of free coffee, jam and bread.

If you have an idea you'd like to pitch get in touch with Gina at