Coffee and Jam #261 SHOUTOUTS

Coffee & Jam is Christchurch's longest running weekly meet up for entrepreneurial-minded people. It’s a great place to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things, be inspired, network, and share in an innovative space.

This week's speakers are:

1 - Berwyn Hoyt 

Berwyn is the senior hardware engineer at Brush Technologies and director of HiveMind, a remote beehive monitoring system for beekeepers. The system measures the weight of the hive and transmits this data via satellite back to servers where HiveMind collate the information to provide a graph that shows honey being produced.


2 - Brett Oliver

Brett is the CEO at Astrolab and has 10+ years’ experience in commercialisation & innovation activities. Roles include composite materials engineering, venture capital due-diligence, commercial and property finance, technology auditor and advisor at KPMG, commercialisation manager at NZ’s largest research organisation, and North Island Manager of Commercialisation, NZ national health innovation initiative.

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Coffee and Jam is your opportunity to meet new people in the Christchurch entrepreneurial ecosystem and indulge in a little bit of free coffee, jam and bread.

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1) Frank from Tango Vibe is teaching Social Argentine Tango this Thursday at the Exchange Cafe from 7-9pm. If you have any questions you can email Frank at
2) At Seeds Podcast you can listen to over fifty interviews with entrepreneurs! You can find Seeds at