EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #230

In this session, join us as Liz Fradd and her co-speaker Shanti Frater share their awesome stories behind Toast Masters and be illuminated by Tim Jones's venture The Grow Good Guy.


Speaker One: Liz Fradd and Shanti Frater from Toastmasters

Liz joined the Victoria Toastmasters 12 months ago after she started a new job based in the EPIC building and because she had taken time out with her children and wanted to build her confidence and practice her public speaking skills. She was invited and for the first few weeks she just watched and listened to feedback. The fear of public speaking is common and we are all going to have to speak in front of a people at some point in our lives maybe it’s in an interview, to your team, a presentation at work.

Toastmasters is an international organization that helps you find your voice again, there are many groups within New Zealand which is the 72nd District (this makes it sound like it’s part of the Hunger Games but that’s not the case, promise!)  At Toastmasters you speak openly to your group where you get to speak about what you want, when you want and be evaluated by your peers. Liz likened the experience to attaining a personal best whilst continually progressing at her own pace and she thoroughly enjoys it! So much so that she entered a regional competition and came second!

Shanti is an Aucklander! It’s okay we won’t hold it against you! She is a construction lawyer at the firm of Simpson Grierson but despite that, she is always striving to achieve a good ‘work-life balance’. Shanti is a relative newbie to Toastmasters, having joined in February this year to take advantage of her weekly visits to Christchurch. She'd lost her unwavering confidence that seemed endless in her school days, Shanti’s motivation was she had a big presentation at work and the thought stressed her out!

Toastmasters is a place where you can practice your speaking skills and be supported in a relaxed and friendly environment. Shanti has found that when she is speaking publically and in casual situations she feels more comfortable which is the best thing about Toastmaster; they welcome all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds. It’s a very eclectic group. Find your voice, come along have a seat, listen, come to as many meetings as you like. It is a time commitment but it’s worthwhile.

The Victoria Toastmaster’s Group meets every Wednesday at an hour lunchtime session (12.12-1.15pm) in the EPIC lounge, at the EPIC Innovation Campus 76/106 Manchester Street.

There is a one off joining cost of $90 and a monthly fee of $15 which is very nominal to cover the room costs. 

If you're interested in Toastmasters visit the website here. 

Speaker Two: Tim Jones, The Grow Good Guy

Tim is passionate about scaling impact driven businesses. By creating and growing good businesses we are able to make the change to the world that we must have for us all to thrive. Tim takes the 20 years of old world sales and business development experience that he has and applies it as a force for good in the world. He is all about Sales with Purpose! He specialises in training, coaching and advising social enterprises and mission driven businesses around the world.

Tim is a purpose pioneer and all about raising the GPD in New Zealand he sees some massive changes coming our way! If you want to keep up-to-date with conscious businesses and helping to make a difference in the world go and download the Conscious Consumer App here - Tim is here to talk all about Sales, but what is sales he asks? Providing solutions for people, you have a product, and you can help people with this service and helping someone achieve something.

Tim continues to say that a salesperson is created and they must be forged from granite because it’s a sea of rejection! Sales is all about persuasion, influence and confidence. If you want to succeed, if you have a business you need to be thinking about sales, sales is in the mind, you reek of your philosophy, they pick up on the vibe. You need to start unpicking your mind. If you are in congregant with your ability - if you don’t believe in the product or service it comes across as inauthentic.

To be a great sales person you need a deep sense of purpose and connection in what you’re doing. You need lots of resilience and tempered optimism to succeed.

If you want to talk to Tim about sales, purpose or coaching opportunities contact Tim on 021 288 23 63 or an email: tim@growgood.co or visit the website here.



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The Canterbury Start-Up Expo is an event running from 9-12pm on 28th November at Addington Raceway – if you are interested visit the Eventbrite page here.  

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Steven Moe has recently started a podcast called Seeds: Talking Purpose where he has conversations with interesting people and tells unique stories. His last episode was with Kit our very own Ministry of Awesome’s Start-Up Activator and this week’s episode Steven is talking purpose with David Harland from the Eden Project (UK). If you’re interested in podcasts – contact him on (stevenmoe@parryfield.com ) or Subscribe to his channel here.


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