EVENT RECAP: Coffee & Jam #232

In this session, Flo Hinder will talk to us about Leftovers - waste minimisation and Sarah Kinley will share the journey of Modlar and her role in it. 

Speaker One: Flo Hinder, Leftovers

Flo Hinder is the winner of Climathon with her business Leftovers, its mission, to help reduce food waste together. As food waste was not known in her family, it came as a surprise to her to learn just how much food is wasted in New Zealand, namely 2000 loaves of bread per hour! It all began when she and her friends noticed a local bakery offered excess food to be picked up, which made her realise people wanted to create a change surrounding the problem of food wastage.

She made a Facebook chat as a means to trial her idea with a small group of students at University of Canterbury, which was very successful. Flo and two others are currently busy working on coding a chatbot, to create an automated system to keep costs down.

How it works:

Users sign up for $5 and it will be a free service for charities. The café or bakery will send a photo of excess food to the chatbot with exact number of items listed and the number of people needed to collect, which then spreads it to the Leftover users, who can claim it and pick it up. In this way, it will become self-sustaining. For the businesses willing to get involved, Leftovers offer an extra incentive by creating the possibility of waste minimization through the use of data analysis.

Some key learnings:

Give things a go, try it out and gather evidence. Moreover, perseverance is key. One of Flo’s favourite quotes is “the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up” and keep going!



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Speaker Two: Sarah Kinley, Modlar

Sarah is a mum of two boys, currently renovating a house, and you can make her day by giving her coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon, and she is committed to a 10k run in a couple of weeks.

She is the Head of Product and Operations at Modlar. Modlar is a site focused on each stage of the architecture design process. We provide inspirational photos, products and 3d file for architects. They started four years ago, when the CEO Scott Barrington saw a gap in the market between architects and businesses. Sarah heads a team of 5, for Product and there is another team of 5 for sales and marketing in US. They get paid by advertising from other brands to be used by Modlar. 100% of the worlds top 25 firms are represented in our Modlar users, which are currently 200,000+ registered users, and that has all been created by organic growth.

Sarah joined about one year ago and is head of product. She is responsible for formalising and driving the modlar product and content strategy. Her main challenges when she began were to:

- Build the user base and lift engagement

- Support USA sales focus

- Build connection and culture

- Build content strategy 

Key Learnings:

- The importance of the ‘soft stuff’; the engagement of the NZ team and knowing that they understand what and why they are doing what they are doing.

- Multi-site is a big challenge, as well as cultural differences. Communication is really important, especially when working with multiple branches on a global scale.

- A little progress each day adds up to BIG results

- Vulnerability is strength; it shows human character; have an allowance for muck ups, own that mistake and move on.

- Asking for help is truly needed, it is not a bad thing and can help you to improve.

- Networking helps to improve not only you but the entire environment.


If you’re interested, visit Modlar here  


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