Coffee and Jam December

This session features two startups that are making big waves in the areospace and clean energy industries. Come and be inspired by these startup founders who are solving some of today’s biggest challenges for New Zealand and the world.


Meet Your Speakers

We’ll first catch up with Michael Fitzgerald & Brian Stephens, Co-Founders of Empower Energy – the winning startup of the Orion Energy Accelerator grant. Michael has spent many years working with vulnerable people, directing them to emergency grants to assist with their energy bills from the Mayors Welfare Fund. Brian is an engineer and physicist working in the energy sector with a passion for renewable energy. Brian married Michael’s sister 10 years ago, and the two of them have been discussing renewable energy and hardship alleviation for many years at family barbecues. When the Ministry of Awesome revealed the Orion Energy Accelerator, Michael entered a rough concept, and Empower Energy was born.

Brian and Michael will talk about the evolution of the concept behind Empower Energy, and how the accelerator, and the Te Ōhaka community helped to refine the idea into what it is today.

Next, you’ll hear from Emily Blythe. Emily is the CEO and Founder of Pyper Vision, delivering the world’s first fog dispersal system to market. Her mission is to develop weather-controlled hubs, where visibility can be guaranteed to ensure the safe arrival of flights, on-time, every time.

Before founding Pyper Vision, Emily was the inventor and CEO of Flatpak and Researcher for Holmes Solutions. Emily comes from a long line of aviators, most notably is her Great Great Grandfather who contributed to one of the world’s first Commercial Flights in 1911 London. Emily herself has been flying since 12 years old, is an active inventor and serial entrepreneur.

She’ll be sharing her story as a startup in 2021 from Te Ōhaka to Aussie and back!

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