Coffee and Jam featuring neXtgen Agri and Bee Digital

Featuring neXtgen Agri and Bee Digital

WHERE: EPIC Innovation Campus, 76/106 Manchester Street.
WHEN: Tuesday, 12nd November
TIME: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

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Join us this week as we will first hear about the story of Mark Ferguson - the co-founder of neXtgen Agri whose mission is to help farmers to breed and farm healthy, happy and productive animals using smart tech like sensors and machine learning.

After the break, we will have Laurent Vienne from Bee Digital speaking about the importance of thinking and executing marketing at all stages of a company life cycle as well as the high-level know-how in going about marketing to grow your startup.

About Speakers

Mark Ferguson // neXtgen Agri

Mark is the Co-founder and Managing Director at neXtgen Agri. He has spent the majority of his career at the intersection of science and farming, gained a PhD in genetics in Western Australia, moved to New Zealand in 2012 and established neXtgen Agri in 2017. neXtgen Agri is focussed on helping farmers to breed and farm healthy, happy, productive animals. They are tackling this challenge in three key ways: Firstly, through innovating, applying sensors, cameras and machine learning to understand animals better than ever before; Secondly, through education, providing an online platform for farmers to learn from experts as well as each other; and finally, through one on one support, Mark and his staff directly consult to leading farmers on both islands of New Zealand and four states in Australia.  

Laurent Vienne // Bee Digital
Laurent is the founder the of Bee Digital. He hails from France, and has over 15 years experience in Digital Marketing. Before moving to Christchurch with his wife Yuliya, he launched Bee Digital in Dubai. Bee Digital is a digital agency which offers a range of digital services including web development, brand and social media management, SEO, e-commerce, etc. Laurent will talk about the importance of thinking about marketing from day one of startup and will cover the fundamentals of the key marketing verticles.