Coffee & Jam Virtual: featuring Blue Cradle and Hillfarrance

Join us at Coffee & Jam next week as we will first hear from James Nikitine about his recently launched startup called Blue Cradle - a NGO that aims to make NZ a leader in international ocean research and marine conservation.

After the break, we will hear from Rob Vickery - the founder of Hillfarrance about the Hillfarrance Scout - a programme with a one million dollar fund behind it aiming to help ten lucky Kiwis invest into their promising business.

Come along, be inspired, and meet your startup and innovation tribe!

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Meet your speakers

James Nikitine
Founder @ Blue Cradle

James is a French and British marine scientist, filmmaker and digital communications expert, originally from the Léman, French Alps and Geneva region. For nearly a decade, James has worked globally as a consultant in oceanic science and policy communications. His work includes projects conveying issues of high seas governance, seamounts, microplastics pollution, climate change impacts on the ocean, deep reef research, ocean risk and marine protected areas. 

James will be talking to us today about his Startup - Blue Cradle born in April 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in New Zealand.

Rob Vickery
Managing Partner @Hillfarrance Venture Capital

Rob is an early stage investor committed to funding diverse Kiwi entrepreneurs who are pursuing innovative solutions to hard problems that matter to New Zealand and beyond. 

He is the Founder and Managing Partner at Hillfarrance Venture Capital and is an operator-turned-VC who has been investing at the frontiers of enterprise technology since 2012. Prior to this he was the North America Director for Lloyds, which is one of the UK’s largest banks. After founding one of Los Angeles’ top performing enterprise software venture funds, Stage Venture Partners, he has made almost 40 investments into 24 startups based across the globe. 

Rob has had the honour of reviewing almost 7,000 pitches in his career and during this session he will be sharing the criteria that he uses to identify promising entrepreneurs with exceptional ideas. He will also be sharing the in's and out's of the Hillfarrance due diligence process works and offering tips on how entrepreneurs can succeed at the fundraising process without compromising founder equity and jeopardising runway. He is very passionate about founder-fair venture capital and you can be assured of a lively and engaging discussion!


John Davey: "Really excited to be launching new company UniSMart Click - Making short-form creative arts-based videos to help young people cope with life in all its variety and challenges. Will be based on a platform and sold to universities around the world".