EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #238

At our second session of 2018, three students from University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship pitched the businesses that they have been working on over the summer. We also heard from Kris Morrison and Steven Moe of Parry Field Lawyers. 


Jess Jacyntha1 2

First pitch: Jess Scarsbrook and Jacyntha Michael, Aspirations Cafe

Aspirations cafe is a social venture providing a practical pathway to employment for young people with intellectual disabilities. After seeing Jess’ younger sister, who has down syndrome, struggle to find meaningful employment, Jess and Jacyntha decided to start Aspirations Cafe. This is a cafe that will likely be located within the YMCA, where they will hire and train people with mental disabilities while also working with the YMCA to get them a proper education and NZQA qualifications. Aspirations Cafe look to partner with a variety of businesses in the future to provide employment opportunities for those graduating their program. You can contact them at aspirations.work@gmail.com.



Second pitch: Jack Wood, The Dandy Club

The Dandy Club is a men’s clothing venture dedicated to top quality workwear. Founder Jack, has a passion for fashion committed to using only the most sustainable, innovative and quality materials. Pesticide poisoning is prominent among those farming cotton as a crop, and even when grown organically it takes 20,000L of water just to make one T-shirt and one pair of jeans - which is a large part of why The Dandy Club uses only organically and ethically grown hemp and bamboo. They also deliver their products at around half the price of their competitors in the market, and are looking at initiatives that would allow the materials from their clothing to be reused once the actual item of clothing has served it’s time. You can check them out at https://thedandyclub.co.nz/password or email contact@thedandyclub.co.nz.


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Kris Morrison and Steven Moe, Startup Legal toolkit 2018

Kris and Steven both work at Parry Field Lawyers - Steven as a Senior Associate focusing on international companies investing in New Zealand, and Kris as a Partner leading the corporate, technology and startup advisory team. At this session they launched their Startup Legal toolkit 2018, a general guide for early stage entrepreneurs that covers everything from crowdfunding to options for legal structures, protecting your IP to non-disclosure agreements. Here are the three points they shared from the legal toolkit:

  1. Relationship between founders - when you start a business, you can’t just wing it with this. Right from the start you need to agree on what will happen in different scenarios - if one co-founder leaves, how will you give them a fair deal? What are our expectations of one another? How long is our initial commitment? What do we do if one co-founder wants to sell and the others don’t? This will give you a framework to sort out any potential issues in future.

  2. Social enterprise purpose - it is important to ask why you are founding the company, and what is its purpose?

  3. Intellectual property - what even is this business? What do we own? Do we own what we think we own? Particularly if software and technology is an integral part of your business, you need to know that if there are ever any legal issues or you want to sell your business, you actually own the core parts of what you are selling. If you don’t, you run the risk of having the entire business you’ve a built on top of some software or technology stripped away from you.

If you would like a free copy of this guide, you can email Kris at krismorrison@parryfield.com or Steven at stevenmoe@parryfield.com. You can also check out Parry Field Lawyers here.

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Steven also runs Seeds: Talking Purpose, a podcast that talks about purpose with people who are making a positive impact with their lives and inspiring others. 

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