Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 168

Speaker One: Peter Randrup - Grub Supply grubsupply.co.nz

Grub Supply was established in May 2016 and is a company that is promoting bugs as food. 

Why you may ask? Because they are a sustainable source of food, they are healthy- they provide protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals and they taste good! Bugs for food is already well established globally and in the western world it is booming but is only starting to be introduced in New Zealand. 

Grub Supply's' mission is to accelerate the advent of sustainable agriculture and they are starting with bugs. Their products include crickets, huhu bugs , ants and many more.  You can already get this product from the Roots Restaurant who use bugs in their dishes. Alex Davies and Tom Riley also use bugs in some of their dishes.  

How can you help Grub Supply? 

Grub Supply are looking for chefs to sell their product to, bug puns, bug farmers and any legal advice.  

For more information go to grubsupply.co.nz


Speaker Two: Louis Go- Cultivate Waste  Louis@cultivate.org.nz

Cultivate Waste are a business that is helping food establishments, mainly in the CBD,  with their food waste management.   

They are different from other businesses because they work closely with the establishment to make it easy for them to divide their waste so it doesn't all go into the landfill. They will replace the bin when it is full and clean it. These bins are air tight which reduces the smell of them. They use an electric bike for collection of the bins and take them to an urban farm on Peterborough street to put back into the earth. 

The price for one 120 litre bin is $25 and $10 for every additional bin. They are mainly prioritising within the four avenues as there is no food waste collection for food establishments. Please help share the word ! You will know exactly where your food waste is going! 

For more information contact Louis@cultivate.org.nz or check out their facebook page facebook.com/cultivatewaste




-Exchange CHCH are holding an event this Friday called Makers and Merchants. They also have a hot desk for Art people for hire. 


-Shaleen Dadheech is from the University of Canterbury and is looking for a business that will provide a consulting project for him. He is completing his MBA this year. Please contact Shallen.dadheech@gmail.com for more information.