Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 170

First speaker: Kamya Ghose from Queen Zaria

“There is no greater force than a woman on a mission” a quote from Queen Zaria an African warrior queen and namesake to Kamya’s business venture.

Kamya, truly a woman on a mission, shared her story of breast cancer at 23 years old, going through a mastectomy and her struggle to have adequate support for women her age. Furthermore finding lingerie that not only holds a prosthetic but makes you feel beautiful, confident and strong.

“A bra is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night”.

Through frustration, Kamya was determined to develop lingerie that is not only sexy but also practical and functional for use with prosthetics. Kamya hopes to give some confidence and beauty back to those warriors and survivors of breast cancer.

In addition, her mission is to create a support network for young women suffering from breast cancer.

Her business is in the prototype stage and they are currently seeking help with legal advice, logistics, funding and business advice. If you want to support Kamya and get behind her mission get in touch with her via email.

The website just went live www.queenzaria.co.nz and you can find her as well on Facebook. 


Second Speaker: Regan Fielding on being Successfully Disruptive

Regan shared his story of how he has come to be a digital architect at the Christchurch City Council and his experiences around working in teams, with other business partners and the constant of everyone whinging about things that suck or don’t work well. He noticed things weren’t good enough and wanted to get things done and turned one of the teams around from blaming everyone else to focussing on what they could change.

His advice, get a pet .... project that is.

Own an issue, as only ownership of a problem leads to a solution. Then, disrupt it through ideation and innovation, if it still sucks, try something else. And finally, guide it; help people along the chain to see the benefits for everyone not only the end consumer and thus become Successfully Disruptive.



  • Prof Paul Connett will be presenting at the Addington Events Center this Thursday (14th July) as part of his speaking tour around New Zealand with the Fluoride Free NZ organisation. If you are interested, you can find more information here  
  • Graham is looking for people who are interested in Health, Wellness and Beauty to help a new brand get into the market. If this is you or you would like some more information, please contact Graham 
  • Andrew from Flip Out (the Christchurch attraction we have all been waiting for, check it out here) is looking for ideas on how to combine trampolining and technology. Please get in touch with your ideas here 
  • Chris is looking for some fun and exciting work, preferably involving music, please contact him via email 
  • Patrick is looking for a job in IT/programming, please contact him via email 
  • Damien a recent ARA graduate and a very enthusiastic website developer is looking for a job, get in touch with him here 
  • Aya, just recently arrived in Christchurch from Japan is looking for work –anything from office to hospo, please contact her via email