Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 171

First Speaker: Sally Carlton  from Speak up Kōrerotia - Human Rights Radio Show

Sally introduced her Human Rights Radio Show Speak up Kōrerotia, which has now been running for 18 months.  

Whilst you might immediately think of the big Human Rights issues happening around the world, New Zealand is not free of its own and Sally wants to raise awareness about the home-grown issues through her show. Her show airs once per month but she is planning on having additional pop-up shows. The one-hour, round table discussion format with invited local and overseas speakers has been well received so far but nevertheless, more listeners and more engagement is welcome. The more awareness the better because without knowing about an issue we cannot act to solve it.

On the Human Rights Commission website you not only find the links to all the different ways you can access her show and her past shows, but also transcripts of all shows for the hearing impaired, which will also soon be available via the Christchurch City Library website.

So what can you do to help?

  1. Listen to her show - as one of her favorites she pointed out her 13th Show about “LGBTIQ and Rights” which you can listen to here 

  2. Provide Feedback - about anything and get in touch with Sally via email, get involved via Facebook

Additionally, if you have any great ideas on how to market her show for free to a broader audience or any suggestions to keep funding going, please get in touch with Sally via email.


Next up were: Anzac Gallate and Nola Smart from Cashmere High School’s Sustainability Council

Thinking about the little things can make a huge difference, just how huge they probably didn’t quite expect when they started out in 2012 trying to change their school’s behavior around energy consumption. 

Inspired by the earthquakes to find more sustainable solutions for the rebuild, energy consumption was first on the list. Smart meters were installed at the school together with LCD displays who would allow constant monitoring of energy consumption. Followed by the “Switch off Campaign” and installation of energy saving LED lights, energy consumption at the school was reduced by 30%.  The success of their own campaign led them to go out to a wider audience and encourage other schools to do similar projects. The students soon realized that whenever the energy sector is talking about sustainability it is mainly centered around the energy producing side whilst how the energy was consumed was largely overlooked. In 2015 they entered the Zayed Future Energy Competition which recognizes outstanding achievements and innovative solutions in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability. Making it into the finals but missing out on the win only encouraged the students to try again, modify and resubmit their entry in 2016 which saw them taking home the price of $100000 USD. The prize money will be used to install solar panels and a wind turbine at the school as well as becoming the first school in New Zealand to install piezoelectric floor tiles, which produce energy as you walk on them.

If you would like to follow this amazing project and group of students check out their Facebook page   

For more information you can also visit the school’s website

In future, the students want to focus on outreach and are planning on connecting with the “litre of light” organisation through fundraisers for their cause.


- Billy is teaching “Christchurch 101” at UC, the topic of his class is Rebuilding Christchurch.  He is looking for tangible projects around Christchurch for teams of 6 to 8 students that can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks. Please contact Billy via email 

- Jim Miller is looking for Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists or Osteopaths urgently who are keen to rent space in Papanui. Please contact him via email