Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 173

First speaker: James Hayes about Virtual Medical Coaching

Our first speaker James took us into the future of education.

“Because fantastic education doesn’t just happen”

With his 10 years of experience in medical imaging education, he often wondered what could be done better and which tools would provide the students needs for simulations.

Taking X-Ray imaging as an example, students currently learn on outdated simulation machinery, which lacks in almost all aspects of what simulations should be like: immersive, realistic, modern and safe.

Envisioning a fun, more effective learning environment that students want to use, James developed -with the help of his associates- Virtual Medical Coaching, a virtual reality simulation suite for medical imaging training. The program not only does the simulation but also feeds back to students the progress they are making and allows safe experimentation within that program. At a recent showcase, his prototype was so popular, he had to give out numbers for the people in the queue, which only emphasised his point, we want to use tools that students -or anyone- wants to learn from.

His next steps are developing his prototype into a minimal viable prototype (MVP) and start to build relationships with tertiary institutions who might be interested in his Virtual Reality Simulation Suites.

If you like to follow James progress or get in touch, check out the website


Second Speaker: Ben Kepes talking about an Investors’ perspective

From James virtual reality we were brought back to the actual reality of what it is like to start out and looking for the funds to get going by Ben.

Being an Investor himself, Ben introduced us to the harsh reality of what an Entrepreneur might encounter on the hunt for investment.

His advice for those who are seeking investment, the longer you can bootstrap (“live on 2min noodles”) the better, however should you need investment eventually you need to be aware that your interests might not be aligned with those of the investor, who probably just wants to make money. In addition to your fun and exciting venture, investors also are looking for proof of execution (can you make it happen, do you have a track record of successful ventures?) and robust business plans, which is why it is so hard to get funding without experience.

However, if it is your first venture, work hard on articulating your idea well, if your parents and grandparents easily understand what it is you want to achieve, an investor might as well and offer you a chance.




- The C-lab Coworking space in St Asaph Street is sponsoring a free three months full membership for a social enterprise. Check out their Facebook post for more information and how to apply.

- John Shingleton has launched his online law business, seek him out here for all your legal concerns.


- Teresa and Doro are introducing a new way to get fit: Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which will cut your gym time down to 20 min a week. They are operating out of Corporate Wellness Solutions if you want to get in touch.