Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 174


First Speaker: Eiko Oljkan from Developster 

Eiko introduced Developster a global platform to kick start the entrepreneurial journey of teenagers.

Together with Asher Foster and Caleb McFarlane-Smith, they were looking at the high unemployment rates for young people worldwide and decided to create a global platform that offers professional help for teenagers to start businesses.

Being Teenagers themselves, they closely relate to their target market and want to create a community where young entrepreneurs can share their stories, engage through peer-to-peer learning and connect with mentors.

For example, Defani One -a music streaming service developed by 13 years olds Finlay and Tom in Australia- had all the skills to develop the service, but needed help on the business side, which is where Developster came in and helped them engage with the economic development of their business.

As Developster aims to be a global platform, they have the opportunity to meet with mentors in the US, who will help them to make it a better product. However, getting there requires funding, so if you like to help Developster to help other teenage entrepreneurs, get in touch with Renea


Second Speaker: Renea Mackie Co-Creator of Kohknowco 

Renea introduced us to the Kohknowco framework and how this is implemented in the Kohknowco Lab based at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School.

The Kohknowco lab not only involves technology support and learning but also involves students in entrepreneurial pathways offering an alternative pathway to start a business.

How does this work?

Students at the Kohknowco lab can focus on what they want to do and learn and are engaged in peer-to-peer learning. Through the specific framework and learning environment, students learn to identify each other’s skills and how to work together. From there, students use the ideas they developed and are learning how to go through the entrepreneurial pathway and eventually end up with their own start-up business.

Whilst the Kohknowco lab is able to offer a technology pathway, some communities are not able to this. The team behind Kohknowco has taken the concept back to basics and is introducing “Caforium” in Auckland. Caforium is an experimental Cafe which is looking at the basics of a “loaf of bread” and encourage learning about how this loaf of bread can be a better product, how can it be marketed, or be a better experience for the consumer.  

If you want to know more about Kohknowco, check out their website



- The in situ photo project is hosting the opening of  Chris Corson-Scott's Exhibition of We Passed the Setting Sun on Friday 12 August from 5.30pm. For more information check out their Facebook events page.

- The Venus Women’s networking group has a few available spots for their new group in Christchurch. If you are interested in relationship building for professional women, please contact Maree.