Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 176


First Speakers: Rose, Harriet, Grace, Maddie and Liv from Super Spreads

Just an idea turned into a small business for the girls. Knowing that jams are family favorites and a staple in everyone’s breakfast pantry, the amount of sugar added to preserve the tasty goodness has been a concern to the girls.

With diabetes and obesity cases on the rise in New Zealand, their vision is to provide a healthy alternative to your everyday jam.

Super Spreads have no added sugar and come in a variety of flavours - strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant just to name a few.

Instead of sugar, the spreads contain stevia -a 100% natural sweetener. Also, all spreads contain chia seeds as a stabiliser and are partnered up with other superfoods like acai and goji berries.   

Seeing that the spreads do not contain as much sugar as regular jams, they need to be refrigerated to help them go the extra mile. However, the Coffee and Jam audience today was able to taste test some of that goodness and I can assure you, they do not really need a preservative as they will not last that long, they are delicious.

A great idea like this does not go unnoticed and the girls already partnered with Barker’s, another New Zealand jam maker, so watch this space.

If you would like to get your hands on some of the goodness in the meantime or find out more about their story, get in touch with the girls here.


Second Speaker: Michael Durie talking about Marketing your idea in 4 steps and how to get your business into Australia

Michael talked to us about marketing and how businesses started to realize its importance for a successful growth strategy.

Marketing has come a long way from being thought of as artistic to being a science in itself, where you analyse customer behaviour, try to understand how they tick and why they should buy your product.

In short, understanding your customer is key, as there is no better marketing than a loyal customer who advocates your business, product or experience.

His 4 step advice:

  1. Invent something that is worth making, a story worth telling or a contribution worth talking about

  2. Design and build number 1 in a way that people will benefit from it and care about it.

  3. Tell your story to the right people at the right time.

  4. Stick to it. Building a business is hard, but if you consistently show up and your customers know you are reliable, it will help.

His number 4 advice also works if you want to expand your business to Australia or anywhere else really. Aside from having a solid business plan, being committed and with perseverance to create and most importantly nurture your relationships you also should think like a local. This is Michael speaking from 12 years experience living in Australia. Do not make assumptions.

To get more help on the matter of expanding, check out the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise site and Michael recommends Kea network as a place to start finding the people you want to talk to.

But you are also welcome to contact Michael directly



-The Muscular Dystrophy Association Canterbury Branch is fundraising: Come and support their cause and watch Richie McCaw’s life story on the big screen on Thursday the 1st September 6.00pm at Readings Theater, tickets are $15 each. For tickets or more information please get in touch with Sue or Eris

-Raymond needs support for the upcoming 48h Film challenge. He needs funds to feed his crew, but he also is still looking for an editor. So if you are keen to support his team or want to be part of it, get in touch with Raymond here.