EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam 177

Speaker #1 - Arindam Basu

Do Genes Influence Our Learning Preferences

Arindam is from the University of Canterbury where they are doing a study about whether or not certain genes influence learning preferences. Each of us are different in how we learn and if we can pinpoint weather or not it is a specific gene that influences this learning style we can personalise our learning strategies from an early age. This specific study invites twins, non identical and identical who have attended a New Zealand University in the last five years to participate in a simple questionnaire. In return all participants will get a thorough profile of their unique learning styles.

If you are a twin yourself or know of any twins and want to participate please contact:


Arindam Basu


022 629 0356


Speaker #2 - Summer Hess

The Community Building


Summer Hess is from Spokane, WA, USA and is in New Zealand to write a book on how the The Community Building model grew,evolved and to share their failures and triumphs.

The Community Buliding is based in Spokane which is the second largest city in Washington State with 20% of people living below the poverty line. The Community Building campus provides a space for innovation and invitation to action. They have 5 buildings across one block containing 30 nonprofits, meeting spaces, a food co-op, events spaces and much more. The founder Jim Sheehan wanted to take scarcity out of the system by providing the city with below market rent structures, by employing staff who are community builders and by building structures that are sustainable. They also have a Community Building Foundation that give grants to community groups to make a difference in their society.

Summer Hess is in New Zealand until December and is keen to have a chat with anyone in the community to help her research. You can contact her at summer@communitybuilding.org or she is based at C-LAB.


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