EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam 180

Coffee and Jam #180

First Speaker: Hannah Rhodes introducing Sustainable Healthy Initiatives for Transport - SHIFT

Hannah is personally interested in a future that is not “shit”. As part of Generation Zero an organisation that wants to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, livable cities and independence from fossil fuels, her and fellow initiators Rosalee and Luke feel that Christchurch has a once in a lifetime opportunity to address those issues.

As businesses are slowly moving back to Christchurch city, SHIFT aims to have them thinking about smarter and sustainable ways of transport to their work places.

SHIFT is a pledge scheme to promote sustainable transport. It is about collaboration, bringing people together and think about better ways of transport.

Aimed initially at businesses in the city, the idea is to sign up as a business, have a business SHIFT ambassador, fulfill the pledge, provide feedback and be part of an amazing annual awards night with the side effect of less congestion in our central city and a happy healthier life for all of us.

You can be part of SHIFT in many different ways, to find out more about it check out the website here or contact Hannah directly.


Second Speaker: William Stewart talking about Brand Identity

William entertained us with examples and dos and don’ts regarding Brand identity.

“Everyday we judge books by their covers”, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your brand is possibly the most important thing someone is looking at first, but do they see what you want them to see?

Basically a brand equals competency and should follow a few simple rules according to William:

- Is your core design appropriate? For example, would you trust a mechanic in a suit?

- KISS (Keep it simple stupid), get down to your core message and leave out the clutter.

- Think about consistency, like for example colour schemes, fonts etc. do they tie in together.

From here William shared some tips and tricks to get there:

  1. Don’t lose your logo!!! Apparently he once was asked to redo a logo from a T-Shirt as no other files or materials existed anymore carrying the logo. Keep your logo somewhere where you can find it, ideally as a design file.

  2. Google Brand Identity PDF, you will find brand identity guidelines there, explaining on how to use logos, fonts etc. for major brands and get some ideas for your own.

  3. Email like a pro and do not use free emails in business. Having your own business email is not that expensive anymore and is more professional than free ones, also try to avoid funny names or weird number/name combinations that would not suggest you know what you are doing.

  4. Stand out, do something different without being weird. For example, William’s business cards are round, simple and effective without being too far out there.

If you haven’t picked up one of those business cards but are keen to get learn more about William’s business Verboom or get in touch with William to fins out more about how to email like a pro, try it here.



- Just because we talked about sustainable forms of transport, Go Cycle Christchurch has a few events coming up this weekend, there is a short ride coming up on Saturday in Linwood and apparently there will be Frocks on Bikes on Sunday. Check out their Facebook page for more information on when and where or email directly here.

- Local elections are near and there are a few events coming up around this and some interesting reading material made it to the world wide web with information on candidates and their attitudes towards being climate smart and how candidates see integration of arts and social enterprises in Christchurch, check out the following links:

       Generation Zero made Scorecards for the candidates which let you see easily how they compare on climate issues, find them here.  

       Candidates recently spoke at XCHC about arts and social enterprises find a summary of the event here

       If you would like to hear the candidates thoughts about a climate smart city, head over to University this Thursday at 7pm, our very own Catarina is facilitating the debate. For more info on the venue check out the Facebook page here.

       Christchurch Youth Council are running Youth Focus Election Q+A sessions for the upcoming city council elections. On next Monday 26th at the University of Canterbury, candidates from the west half of the city will be discussing their views on youth issues and answering open questions. Then the next night at St John of God Waipuna in Aranui, we will be hosting the eastern half of candidates and also having a mayoral Q+A. All of the events are a great chance to mix and mingle with candidates, who have overwhelmingly come back to us and said they want to hear what young people want from the future council. There will be Kai provided and lots of information about all the different elections occurring at the moment and how to have your say. Head over to the Facebook page for more information on venue and time.

- Catarina is heading to Detroit for a Bike conference and needs some assistance to get there and back to share all her learnings, head over to her Givealittle page and donate generously proceeds over 2k will go towards RAD bikes

- TEDx Christchurch is getting closer, with a great lineup of speakers and two fantastic venues, the Isaac Theater Royal and The Piano, it is promising to be a great day. There are a few tickets left if you want to be part of it, check it out here

- Kiwicon is happening in November, if you are interested in computer security and the ‘good side of hacking’ head over to the website for more details. 

- Lindsay would love to create an app for a map of Christchurch murals, she would love some help on the website and app development side of things, so if you can help her, please get in touch here

- Looking for a fundraiser for your school other than chocolates? Check out the Dragon Games, designed and developed in NZ, this could be a great alternative to your usual chocolate sales. For more information visit their website