Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 183

Event writeup. 

Speaker one : Lindsay Chan - Watch this space: Christchurch Street Art 


Lindsay started mapping the murals around Christchurch in April of 2015 when she noticed that there wasn't one place that tracked them all. The other apps or maps that had been developed were hard to navigate, out of date and specific to a business or festival.

In response to this Lindsay made an online map for the murals in Christchurch and is now looking to turn this into an app. She mentioned that her app is different than the other ones because it is inclusive, it has all the decommissioned pieces. It will give recommended routes that the public can use via bike or walking around town and it the public will help make it awesome by keeping it up to date. If a person notices that a mural is not featured on the ap they have the opportunity to send a photo and its location and some note to Lindsay who will add it.

This app is the artists that spend so much time on the murals, it will give them the credit they deserve. It is for the community to impress visitors with this great tool to show the progress in Christchurch and last of all it a legacy item for the people of Christchurch so they can remember what murals use to be around town once the city has rebuilt and the murals are hidden. 

How can the public get involved in making this app a reality? 

By giving Lindsay ideas or suggestion on how to make the app better, if you are tech or app savvy Lindsay would love a mentor as she is new to the scene and last of all Lindsay needs testers to test the app prior to its release to make sure there are no bugs. 

If you would like more information check out christchurchstreetart.co.nz or email Lindsay at watchthisspacechristchurch@gmail.com

We can't wait until the app is up and running. Good luck Lindsay!! 


Speaker two: Nicola Petty and Shane Dye: Cat Maths 

Nicola and Shane are from the Statistics Learning centre which provides resources for statistics learning. They have created cat maths cards for primary school children aged 5-8 that will help them learn in a fun way. Their aim is to put these cat maths cards into every year 1-4 class in New Zealand. In order to do this they have started a Kickstarter campaign which will help cover the costs of manufacturing these cards and putting them into 300 schools.

They believe that if we start from a young age learning maths in a way that is fun kids will be more inclined to carry on with subject in their latter years which will develop their quantitative skills.  

So what can the public do to help? 

1. Pledge. The kickstarter campaign starts at 6pm on Wed 12th Oct, even $1 will help . The link is http://statsLC.com/Kickstarter


2. Spread the word. If you know of any parents with kids or teachers that would love this type of thing let them know. 

If you would like more information get in contact with Nicola at N.petty@statsLC.com 



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Go to www.bennetto.co.nz click store/twinpacks/springspecial or go to the facebook page. What a bargain! 


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