Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 184

Event Write up 


At this session we had Jannik Doerr pitching nutrient rescue and Catarina Gutierrez speaking to us about her experiences and learnings from her time at the Bike Bike conference in Detroit. 

Free samples of fruit and vegetable shots from Nutrient Rescue and chocolate from Bennetto Natural Foods Co on top of the usual coffee, bread and jam...can Coffee and Jam get any better than this?!!


Speaker One : Jannik Doer from Nutrient Rescue 

Nutrient Rescue is a nutrient rich whole foods powder made from local and sustainable fruit and veggies. It comes in two flavors. A red shot or a green shot. Both have amazing health benefits like enhancing blood flow and iron absorption to name only a few. The B Corp wanted to work towards a product with more meaning and found they could do this with a product that used ingredients that were grown in a way that didn't harm the planet.

You can order this product order online at nutirentrescue.nz . Or if you would like more information contact Jannik Doerr at jannik.doerr@nutrientrescue.nz


Speaker Two: Catarina Gutierrez from Ministry of Awesome

Catarina shared with us her recent experiences and learnings from the Bike Bike conference in Detroit . She mentioned that Detroit is very much like Christchurch. She was able to compare Christchurch’s post disaster recovery with other cities in the same situation. Catarina learnt that Christchurch’s progress is going really well! another learning was that street art gets people moving, especially on bikes where you can see things that you might not if your in a car and that the car culture can co-exsist with bikes through the use of separate cycleways.

She is holding an event this Sunday as part of FESTA at RAD bikes from1-3pm. 



- Go cycle is having a ride leaving from RAD Bikes on Sunday at 3.30pm. Check out the link for more info. https://www.facebook.com/events/893307544137578/

- Frocks on bikes chch is having a Brooklyn ride on Monday at 10.30am. Check out the link for more info. https://www.facebook.com/events/554352908089220/

Ashley and Rizwan have recently moved here from Denver, keen for volunteering opportunities and looking for any work. Rizwan has a background in mechanical engineering also spreadsheet budgeting and Ashley is an all rounder looking for work as a Nanny or office work. They are also looking for a couple to flat with. Their details are 0274351397 ashb21@hotmail.com or rehaoudhry@gmail.com

- Cat Maths kickstarter is still going. Head to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/94584068/cat-maths-games-and-educational-resource?ref=nav_search to pledge. Even a couple of $ helps. 


Coffee & Jam is Christchurch's longest running weekly meet up for entrepreneurially minded people. It’s a great place to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things, meet people, learn and share in a creative space, hear about other events in Christchurch and indulge in a little bit of free coffee, jam and bread.

If you have an idea you'd like to pitch get in touch with Erica at erica@ministryofawesome.com.