Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 186

At today's session we had Regina Speer launching Swoppy!

Swoppy, previously known as Playable Gameboy Cover, is a phone case that turns into a gaming device. This idea began at Startup Weekend Christchurch where Regina identified her love and passion for retro gaming. These phone cases bring back the warm and nostalgic feelings of playing these old retro games.

Pre-sales start today with cases available for iPhone 5 to 7 with future development for other models of phones.

 Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1727906284094713/ to get your case and more information. 


We also had the pleasure of hosting Geoff White - CEO of Christchurch Trade Aid. He runs New Zealand's oldest social enterprise and gave us some insight into 5 key learnings from running this organisation. These learnings were

1.Protect your values. Growth within the organisations gives a challenge to your values so continually changing and learning new creative ways to adap will help you protect what matters the most. 

2. Learning to say no. 

3. You can't hide from numbers within the organisation.

4. Prioritise the most important situations at that moment in time. This helps ensure that everyone within the organisation is on track. 

and 5. Get a Board. This helps with accountability for a CEO and adds legitimacy and credibility to a business.

Did we mentioned he also provided us with some yummy organic Trade Aid chocolate! Yummmmmm!

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