Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam #188

Ann De Shutter - The Antipodes million dollar mice eradication


Ann is a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst. She has worked with a team who are working towards the eradication of mice on the Antipodes Islands 760km from Dunedin. This project began in 2012 by raising $350,000 to fund the project. In 2014 the project planning begun and in March-September 2016 the eradication process took place.

This eradication project is being implemented due to the damage being caused to the wildlife on the islands by mice especially to the young animals. There are roughly 200,000 mice on the Antipodes Islands, 150 per hectare so a team of 13 staff and 2 helicopters was required to spread the 65 tonnes of bait for the mice. All together the project has cost $3.9 million to fund. The staff will return in 2018 (after two breading seasons) to check if the project was successful.

 For more information please visit: www.milliondollarmouse.org.nz




Felicity Powell – Permission to Add-Venture


Felicity came back to share her journey since first pitching Re-Edit Publishing at Coffee and Jam in March 2015. In just over 1 year the publishing company has published 10 books and has recently published its first public book Add-Venture Christchurch. Add-Venture Christchurch is ‘…an interactive activity guide to Christchurch, designed to help residents and visitors creatively connect to Christchurch’.

In order to pursue her big goals in life Felicity had to overcome the idea of feeling as if she wasn’t allowed or didn’t have permission to go for the challenging things she wanted. She learnt to give herself permission to just go for it and to take on big challenges and obstacles without holding back or allowing that feeling that she wasn’t ‘allowed’ to make her dreams happen. Felicity truly believes that ‘you are accountable for your successes and failures’ and that giving yourself permission to go for your big goals in life is sacred. As well as all the ups, there are also downs to putting yourself out there and working hard for what you believe in and resilience is something one must embrace to push through the challenging times.

Felicity encourages all to take a leap of faith; and ‘think bigger, try harder, accept failure’.


Shout Outs:

1. Stefan from ‘Peak to Plateau’ .They make and sell outdoor baselayers made from the yak, sourced from the Tibetan Plateau.

Website: https://www.peaktoplateau.com

Help them out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/peaktoplateau/yak-wool-baselayers-from-tibet-to-the-world


2. Ify is Job Hunting

Looking for a job in the IT communication sector – has experience as a network engineer and Technical Service engineer.

Email: francisaifeoma222@gmail.com Mobile: 021 293 8960


3. Hanmer is fine after the earthquakes!

Go there for a fun weekend away, help them get back to normal, (business is slow atm)


4. Party @ Exchange Christchurch . Wednesday 23rd Nov, 6-8pm (tonight) 


5. Hannah Watkins Photography Exhibition



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