Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam #189

Andrew Masters – Chess Checker


Andrew has come along as an attendant to our Coffee and Jam sessions for a long time now and it gives us great pleasure to finally have him pitch at our 189th event!

Andrew is and has been a passionate chess player for many years and along with two others has created Chess Checker. Chess Checker is an online tool for chess players to learn from their games. The way it all works is that a player fills outs their score card, takes a photo of it, sends it off to Chess Checker and shortly afterward, their game and moves appear on their online Chess Checker account for the player to re-watch and improve on their game.

The Market for Chess is big! There are 250 million chess players and 5 million tournaments globally. Andrew and his team have taken their invention to local chess tournaments around New Zealand, including the North and South Island Championships. Now Chess Checker has 175 registered players and has processed 570 games so far. They’re currently working on robustness of transferring a photo of a score sheet to an online format and working towards improving brand recognition and getting Chess Checker into schools.

Playing chess is beneficial to ALL ages, playing it regularly can prevent early onset of dementia. Andrew and his team are striving to get Chess Checker into the schooling system as they believe that integrating chess into schools is a big opportunity for the 21st century education system to equip children with the skills required nowadays.


Check out their website: www.chesschecker.com

Andrew Moss – Flip Out; going deeper with technology in the real world


Another regular at Coffee and Jam sessions, Andrew has used C+J events as a source of indirect support and inspiration for his personal goals.

Andrew started out in computer engineering and worked in this field for 20 years before deciding that he wanted to try something new and studied to become a teacher. He was a teacher in I.T for a while however, Andrew felt as though he wasn’t doing a very good job of it. He soon realised that it wasn't him who was underperforming as a teacher it was the curriculum that wasn’t right for the students. So he set out to make technology a more engaging subject by figuring out how he could take technology outdoors. Following this, Andrew got behind the UAV Challenge, a project for young tech enthusiasts to design a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to find a ‘lost’ person. This project was great for students as they could feel more involved in a project and feel like they were really achieving something whilst learning.

Andrew went on to tell us about his 14-year-old son who loves playing games on the computer, as it demands total engagement of the mind. Andrew's only concern is that his son doesn't get outside enough. Virtual Reality Gaming has come a long way in development and is becoming more and more physically interactive, however, not enough for Andrew Moss.

Nowadays, Andrew is behind Flip Out Indoor Trampoline Arena in Christchurch. Flip Out is a highly active and physically engaging environment but for Andrew’s son it is missing the all-encompassing engagement of the mind, like gaming has. Andrew's end goal is to create a large physically interactive space like Flip Out and merge interactive technology with the physical aspect of Flip Out. He has seen progress in this area such as smart trampolines however this is just the beginning for Andrew, he is reaching out to the public for any ideas or potential contacts to help him materialise his future plans for Flip Out!


Shout Outs:


Rowan Wilson-Davey - Looking for I.T internship project

Contact details:

email: rowan.wilsondavey@gmail.com

Ph: 020 456 8464


Magdalena – Needs books to leave in bus stops AND can promote new books

Contact details: https://www.facebook.com/thecommutingbook/?fref=ts


BisDojo Events

Thursday 1.30-2.30 pm Kate and Simon Darby on Branding:



Monday 12-1 pm David Bolam-Smith on Import/Export:



Re:Edit Publishing

Re:Edit's release of the AddVenture Christchurch book is available for pre-purchase now. 

Order your AddVenture Christchurch book today!



Design Assembly end of year party @ Xchange

29th November at 5:30pm



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