Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam #190



Gerry Higgins

Chief Executive Officer at CEIS (Community Enterprise in Scotland), a Director at the Social Value Lab and is on the Social Enterprise World Forum C.I.C. Board of Directors as one of the member directors. 


Jason Pemberton

The Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 Project Manager, Ākina Foundation.

Todays Coffee and Jam session was a little different than normal. We had Gerry Higgins and Jason Pemberton in to do a joint presentation about social enterprise and the Social Enterprise World Forum that is soon to come to Christchurch in September 2017. Jason focused more on explaining precisely what ‘social enterprise’ is and then went on to explain the SEWF event that will be held in Christchurch next year. Gerry told us all about the work he does in the area of social enterprise, the progress its making in the world and how this can and will be brought to New Zealand.

Jason kicked off the session by explaining what the organisation Ākina is all about, his role in the SEWF and what exactly Social Enterprise is. On the Ākina website it states that social enterprises are purpose-driven organisations that trade to deliver social and environmental impact. Ākina wants to create a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive world and their mission is to grow the New Zealand social enterprise sector, and set it on a pathway to coherency. Jason went on to explain that defining social enterprise is difficult as it sits between a charity and a business. When looking at your social enterprise organisation one must assess the ‘impact model’ together with the ‘business model’. Social enterprise is different to regular enterprise as the problem guides the purpose, the purpose defines your impact model, and your impact model defines your business model. Jason is aware that social enterprise exists in Aotearoa however he is eager to bring SEWF to New Zealand to elevate it in our country.

As mentioned earlier, Jason is the project manager for SEWF meaning he is on the ground in Christchurch helping make the SEWF 2017 event happen.



We then had Gerry present, telling us about his background in social enterprise and what he aims to achieve with SEWF. Gerry started the Social Enterprise World Forum in 2008, he then put it out to the world to see if other nations took interest and received a positive response with a lot of interest from all over the world. SEWF’s concept is using the best practice as an accelerator and through using this practice he wishes to kick-start SEWF in New Zealand. A nation that uses social enterprise effectively enables businesses to connect and work together.


Gerry firmly believes that Social Enterprise is truly a global movement. Taiwan is the biggest in Social Enterprise at the moment; they are the most advanced country in a decade. Canada have had a breakthrough  having recently launched a National Social Enterprise Directory as the ISED have identified opportunities to support or lessen barriers to innovation and growth in the social enterprise sector. Gerry used a quote from Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Laureate who is inspiring the young to go down the Social Enterprise path. Yunus believes that “Capitalism is flawed as it assumes humans are only interested in profit maximization…” and social enterprise is all about improving our well-being not just our profits.


He went on to share with us the social enterprise Eco-system to explain how many different elements contribute to the functioning of it. See photo below:

Gerry also shared with us progress that the SEWF has made in Scotland like the Community Empowerment Act 2015; the transfer of assets from public sector to communities. He is working to build a social enterprise nation in Scotland by moving it from the margins to the mainstream. There are many long term goals in place including SEWF’s 10 year vision for the future of social enterprise. SEWF’s purpose in Scotland is to is increasing growth and tackle inequality, this is so that they can work towards a fairer society by doing things like, harrowing the wealth gap and gender gap.


Then Jason returned to the floor to give us a run down of why and how the SEWF coming to Christchurch in 2017.

The event the SEWF is hosting in Christchurch next year is a ‘forum meet festival’ concept. Their forum values are: Authenticity, Inclusion, Ingenuity and Humility. Everyone on stage at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 will be Social Enterprise practitioners. To make this event happen, Jason broke the organisation of it into working groups; programme design, Logistics, Marketing and Comms, and Stakeholder engagement. He then told us about the creation of the theme of the event. The creation of the theme took 6 months; KA KOROKĪ TE MANU – Creating our tomorrow. ‘Everything is an invitation. It’s about doing more good stuff every day.' The plan for the event is to provide quality content but also ensure the audience can take away new/important knowledge they can use in their work by providing engaging sections of the event like participative sessions and workshops.


What SEWF need from us to make this event happen:

-       Channel Partnerships

-       Social Procurement

-       Financial Partnerships


So how can you help?

-       join SEWF’s mailing list

-       Join ‘Social Enterprise Ōtautahi’ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/532765913524268/ + go to events they promote

-       Follow https://www.facebook.com/SEWF2017/ on Facebook and @_SEWF on Twitter

-       And work on Social Procurement in your life and work.





Shout Outs:



PerryField Lawyers

They're pro-active, great with helping busniesses registered as charities, and all about embracing social enterprise.

PerryField provides material that normally costs for free on their website, follow the link:



Bex - Alpine Pacific in a Box

To support a good cause; a social enterprise supporting business in Earthquake effected North Canterbury, go to:




If you went to SungularityU or missed out, come along on Wednesday 7th at 9-11am to the Christchurch Hui



Generation Zero

Next Wednesday (December 14th) come along to 'Beers & Banter with special guest Josh Silver' here at MoA!



Anteater NZ @ ReStart Mall Christmas Markets

Thursday 15th and Friday 16th December.

Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnteaterNZ/?fref=ts




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