Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam #191 Last one of the year!!



Catarina Gutierrez – Women Who Get Sh*t Done unconference


Minisrty of Awesome’s very own, Catarina Gutierrez (Start-Up Activator) gave a pitch for the first South island Women Who Get Sh*t Done unconference that is going to be held in Canterbury in 2017. After attending the 3 day WWGSD unconference in Wellington last year she was blown away by it and is determined to bring it to the South Island.


What is an ‘unconference’ you ask?

An unconference is an attendee-driven and interactive event where participants build their own agenda (e.g no keynote speakers). It is a proven, simple format for discussions & action and it’s participatory – all attendees can both teach and learn, rather than just passively absorb information.


What is WWGSD?

An unconference weekend that brings together women founders, supporters and doers…

To teach and learn, to problem-solve, to create, to grow a support of women doing leadership differently in Aotearoa, to amplify their passions, work and skills… so they can change the world – over a weekend and beyond.


The WWGSD unconference covers a very broad spectrum of topics, basically whatever the attendants decide to cover. WWGSD is for anyone who identifies as a woman and the selection committee tries to get diverse attendants to ensure many perspectives, making for great discussion.


Event Details:

- February 24-26, 2017, Living Springs, Lyttleton.

- The event will host up to 120 women (and kids). Tickets are currently estimated at $250 and they will offer 20% of our tickets as scholarships – These scholarships for underrepresented groups will ensure a diverse group of women can participate. They will also provide travel scholarships for those outside the regions.

- Other WWGSD 2017 events: the Tauranga region in April and the Wellington region in September 2017.

*please note all dates are tentative and are in process of being finalized.


If you’re interested…

Website: https://www.wwgsd.nz/new-events/2017/2/3/wwgsd-summer

Like their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wwgsdnz/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf

Email: Christchurch@wwgsd.nz

AND visit their PledgeMe page to help out: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/4955-it-s-hard-to-fund-an-event-with-shit-in-the-name


MoA Team - Wrap Up


Lauren, Erica and Catarina feel as though they have the best jobs in the city! They acknowledge that MoA’s work is challenging and sometimes difficult but always rewarding. MoA has learnt so much this year and has grown a lot as an organisation/team and are really looking forward to all the big and exciting things they have planned for 2017. A small team can have a really big impact.

The MoA team want to thank YOU the participants of C+J that make it all happen!



Next Coffee & Jam session: 17th January 2017







Shout Outs:


Morgan Wilson needs…

A young girl who codes

Morgan was given a free computer to give to a young girl who codes. So if you know of a young girl in need of a computer and enjoys coding, please get in contact with Morgan.

Call: 021 277 2525

Email: morgan@techhappy.co.nz


Gloria Graham Tango

Learn to dance Argntine Tango – group or private classes and demos

Call: 022 394 7694

Email: chchtango@yahoo.co.nz

Website: www.gloriagrahamtango.com


Coralie Winn – Gapfiller, ‘Super Street Arcade’


Announced the new Gapfiller project; A participatory outdoor arcade game on Tuam Street. The game is called ‘Attack of the CONES’

Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/superstreetarcade/?fref=ts

And get on down to Tuam St and have a play!


Yoga by Kotte


Launching an online live Desk Yoga Class on 15th December at 2:30pm.

All you need is a Desk and a chair!

Like Yoga by Kotte on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogabykotte/


Tom Mackintosh – The Pegboard Company


Is the storage in your space taking up too much room and/or simply not good enough?

Tom handcrafts quality customizable shelving units for your walls in Canterbury made out of wood from Canterbury.

Like them on Facebook: https://www.artfilms.co.nz/movies/11950.php

Order a Pegboard on: http://www.pegboardco.co.nz/


Clare from BizDojo


Raiyo Nariman – Fundimentals of scaling your business and launching into new markets. Wednesday at 12.30 pm:



The Art of Asking Awkward Questions. Thursday at 12.30 pm:



Trade Your Space


Trade Your Space is planning to revolutionise the way businesses and the public go about advertising, marketing or searching for available space.

Visit their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tradeyourspace/?fref=ts

Website coming soon…


Suzi – Inventionator 17


Suzi is running a workshop for kids ages from 11-14 yrs old to learn how to go through the design process to address a challenge they have identified.


For the workshop they are looking for mentors. If you’re interested please contact:

Suzi at suzi.gould@core.ed.org





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