EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #195



Allen Lim


Today Allen launched his app SMISH at Coffee + Jam! Allen is a Co-founder of SMISH, a community food sharing mobile app for food lovers. Allen and his Co-founder Daniel want to link people through love of making and eating food.



SMISH’s vision is, “To foster the sense of community and explore culture through the love of food” – by using the SMISH app users can get to know their community, explore culture and explore food!

The app is all about GLOCAL FOOD DISCOVERY – Discovering Global food in your local community – allowing foodies and passionate chefs to connect, share and sell food. Smish can be used in a neighbourhood scenario and office/business scenario.


Who can do it & how can it be done?


-       Do you cook and want to share with your community?

-       Do you love food and want to discover new delicious home-made cuisine? 


Whether you’re a eager foodie or a keen chef you can use SMISH to share your recipes or discover delicious new food to eat. Once registered on the app, the foodie browses for the food they want, orders the food they want and then exchange through pickup of the food ordered. The chef will list their food creation, create the meal when ordered and exchange through pickup of the food that was ordered.


SMISH is available on Android and is coming soon to IOS.


Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smish.me/?fref=ts


Visit their website: http://www.smish.me/#whatissmish





Brindi Joy


Brindi works for the Christchurch City Council as the Transitional Projects Advisor for the Transitional City Project that helps fund the transformation of vacant spaces in our garden city post earthquakes.



Christchurch city is a beautiful city as it is now and the Transitional City Project want to enjoy and utilise Christchurch in its current state by making the most of the empty spaces around the city before they get built on. The Transitional City Project takes spaces that would otherwise be empty, and uses them to activate and encourage engagement from the community.


Already many projects are happening and have happened around Christchurch city. Cultivate Christhcurch – building a network of productive urban farms in Christchurch and Hannah Watkinson's – In Situ Photo Project are just a couple to mention.


Molly from Life in Vacant Spaces helps to contact owners of empty spaces around Christchurch and gets permission to use it for projects. LIVS is here to help YOU to activate our city by doing the background work for you in order to have access to an empty space.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LifeInVacantSpaces/




Transtional City Project Fund



Brindi from TCP: brindi.joy@ccc.govt.nz

Call: 03 941 8316


Molly from LIVS: molly@livs.org.nz




Shout Outs:


MoA events coming up…


The Launch Club- Power of 3’s (Feb 9th @ EPIC)



SingularityU NZ Hui (Feb 14th)


Activator Caffine Adventure #19 (Feb 17th @ Awesome HQ)


Startup Weekend (May 19th-21st)



Movie Fundraiser for NZ women in sicnece, maths or engineering  


Hidden Figures Showing on Monday Feb 13th




Otakaro Orchard


Holding a working Bee this Saturday 11th Feb





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