EVENT RECAP: Coffee and Jam #196


Coffee, jam, pink and CAKE!! What a great session today. 

Our first speaker Nicky Glenjarman pitched Beyond Bees which is a social enterprise project in Ngel Nyaki in Africa. The project is based in the Montane Forest where a field station has been setup. This forest is also the place of the bees and Nicky and her team are looking to increase pollination which in turn will increase seeding and fruiting throughout the forest. Locals are employed to harvest the honey traditionally and it is then bottled and sold. 

However, the problem is that Ngel Nyaki is very remote and locals would be lucky if one car went through the town a day.So they have about 80,000L of honey to sell but they can't sell it. Shoprite are willing to sell the product but curently can't because it needs to meet health standards which is where they need help. Nicky is looking for industry expertise, a 40 ft container to transport all the processing equipment from NZ to Africa in, financial support and sharing the message. All the profits from the honey will be put back into improving the forest and replanting the forest. 

If you would like more information or can help out in any way please contact Nicky at NGlenjarman@gmail.com 

You can also donate to the project by going to Geneoristy.com and searching Beyond Bees. 

Our second speaker, Erin Jackson from The Narrative.Co shared with us some campaign tips and learnings. Her first learning was that communities come together through storytelling. We can raise awareness and money by speading the passion and taking the community with us along the way. 

The second learning she shared was that there was a big communication problem, that "we do not listen to understand, we listen to to reply". So really listening to a persons problem or issue and trying to look at it from another perspective is important. 

The last learning was that people are interested in the WHY!. Why you are doing this, why is it important to you? Tell your community the why and they will be able to connect and relate on another level and may be more inclined to help you.

For more information about campaigns contact Erin at Erin@naraativecampaigns.com or 022 430 8043. 



1.Flipout is holding a market day at the trampoline arena on April 23rd. If you are interested in having a stool contact Andrew at andrew.moss@flipout.co.nz 

2.Madison recruitment are looking for staff for the Bruce Springston concert next week. To apply send your CV to chch@madison.co.nz 

3. Krama & Co. are having a speacial on their harnd-loomed scarfs. check out their Facebook page for more info. 

4. Good food and Tango is happening on Friday 24th March at XCHC.  Check out the event here!

5. Brittany has just moved to NZ from the USA. She is looking for work and has experience in volunteer management. You can contact her at britttany.quaglieri@gmail.com 


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