Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam Special 169 (Women in Tech)

First Speaker: Nicola Valentine  from Property Plot

Nicola, the founder and CEO of Property Plot, talked about her startup which aims to be the one-stop shop for home buying and to simplify the home buying process. Instead of having to find information about ‘what can I afford’ ‘finding the house’ and ‘how to deal with the loan applications’ in different places, Property Plot offers solutions to all these questions. Their calculator tool gives an answer to ‘what can I afford’ which then allows the ‘finding the right house’ part to search for the right fit, and topping it off with taking care of finding the right home loan and getting it all sorted. In addition Property Plot continues to track the financial performance of your property after you bought it. Best of all, the service is FREE.

Property plot are also looking for Developers and Mortgage Brokers to join their team.

Second Speaker:  Adriana Gascoigne from Girls in Tech

Adriana Gascoigne introduced her not-for-profit organisation, Girls in Tech, which she founded in Silicon Valley in 2007. Girls in Tech encourages the empowerment, engagement and education of women in technology.  She also talked about her own experience in the tech and startup industry, which is what prompted the beginning of it all.

She explained why tech needs women, and how businesses with women involved are more valuable, building creative and diverse communities.

Different programs are available based on the values empowerment, engagement and education. For example, Catalyst Conference, who share successful women’s stories; Boot Camps, which offer practical workshops for technical but also professional skills; Hackathons; Global Classroom; XChange –offering cultural tech exchange; and the biggest program, Amplify, which is the largest Women’s Pitch night competition.

Girls in Tech is a global organisation and hopes to expand into New Zealand in the near future.

For more information check out http://girlsintech.org/.



- Adam Hayward is launching the thriller community dance Christchurch event today 5th July at 5pm at the Isaac Theatre Royal. For more information check out their website.

- Design Assembly is holding a Social Media workshop with Julia Atkinson this Friday 8th July from 9am at the XCHC. For more details and ticket information see their Facebook page or website.

- Reuben Rusk is holding a workshop series on the science behind resilience at EPIC starting this Friday 8th July at 5.30pm. Please sign up here.

- The XCHC is holding a Local Food Feast event this Sunday 10th July from 10.30am, for more details please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1177623808956057/

- Billy is teaching a Community Engagement Class at UC and is looking for short 2-3 hour projects around Christchurch for his 30 Students. These projects can involve manual labour, intellectual labour etc. For more information please contact Billy via email.

- Christchurch City Council has a Hack event coming up. For more information click here.

- Women in Tech meetups to know about: http://www.meetup.com/Women-in-Tech-Chch/.

- Praveen is looking for work as a Net Developer, if you would like to get in contact you can email him here.

- Alexandra Hudson has just returned from overseas studies and is looking for an exciting job in a startup company with motivated and likeminded people. She is interested in journalism and arts, please contact her on 027 7833187, if you would like to meet her.  

*In last week’s shoutout Shaleen’s email address was wrong, Shaleen is looking for an MBA project and his correct contact details are SHALEEN.DADHEECH@gmail.com