Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 179

Event Recap 


Speaker 1: Raewyn Murray 

Topic: New Brighton Spring Music Festival 

Raewyn is the event manager of the New Brighton Spring Music festival which is hopefully going to go ahead, with some more funding, on the 12th November. The festival is about bringing the people of Christchurch into the New Brighton community. It's a chance to activate space which has not been used post quake and put on a full day of entertainment for all ages. There will be kids activities, music and food and drink stalls. Raewyn currently needs further funding for the stage, lighting and sound elements of the festival. She is running a Pledgeme campaign which can be accessed at the link below and has a facebook page and website for more information. 

Having this event in New Brighton really means a lot to Raewyn and the Community. It offers an opportunity to uplift and strengthen the community by showing Christchurch what New Brighton has to offer. 

Good luck Raewyn ! 

Pledge me: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/4698-new-brighton-spring-music-festival 


Speaker 2: Tom Harding 

Topic: Mish Guru 

Mish guru is a snapchat marketing and analytics platform. This platforms allows their clients to grow and engage with their audience and provides analytics that allows clients to see the return on their investments. Mish guru has had huge success in the global market but it hasn't been an easy journey for the team. Tom Harding, the cofounder shared with us some of the learnings from their journey so far. 

Their first learning was to set milestones with what you are wanting to achieve first. Their reasoning for this was so you could derisk the growth of your company. The second learning was doing non scalable things(if you have to). There is a lack of education on snapchat to be used as a marketing tool, so by proving to people that it works is the main priority. Their third learning was learn to say no. Keeping in mind what will benefit your company and what won't is important and by being able to say no to someone who is wanting something that will only send you back is a great strenght. The fourth learning was that relationships are not a moment in time. Investors are not all about pumping money into your project or company. Building a strong relationship with all your investors and sending them regular updates, no matter how small, on the progress will help you in the future and make your company viable. The next learning was that brand champions are your best friends. "Strap in" was the next learning. Persistence is the key to growth, it doesn't just happen overnight. The last learning was team culture. Mish guru have designed their team culture about being remote so that they don't all have to be in one place at the same time and can work when it best suits them to. 

You can get more information of Mish Guru at the link below. 




-Connect Chch are holding an event at Exchange Christchurch on 30th Sep- More info can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/1234088936642163/

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