EVENT RECAP: Coffee & Jam #223

Speaker One: Lab5 students 

The Bees: This team found a problem with bees dying around New Zealand and that local farmers were spraying harmful pesticides on their crops that were contributing to this. Their solution is to create a bee-friendly vegetation spray. 


Feed the World: This teams problem that 


Bravos: This teams problem was that they found that many people were facing malnutrition. Their solution was to encourage people to eat fruit and vegetables by educating people that meat can be complementary to veges. They would create more community gardens and donate the fruit and veges to the homeless who may not have access to this nutritious food. 


Air Pollution: This teams problem was that there was a lot of air pollution around the world and they wanted to help reduce it by starting with Christchurch. Their solution was to plant vegetable gardens and vegetation in the red zone and make it more of a "green zone'. By increasing the amount of vegetation this will help decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. 


Speaker Two: Brianne Fick// Local Quinoa 

Brianne is the sales and distribution manager for Local Quinoa, the first commercial grown quinoa company in New Zealand. Originating in South America 5000 years ago, over the past two decades, quinoa has grown in popularity hence the increased demand and growth of the quinoa farm Brianna works for. Local Quinoa has been grain farming since 1987 and started panting quinoa in 2014. They now have 5.5 Hectares of quinoa crops and have just planted a new variety of white quinoa seed ready for the next harvest.  

Local Quinoa is helping introduce a healthy food in New Zealand and is also avoiding distributing the South American market where much of the Quinoa is imported from. Some of the challenges they face are competing with imported prices. This is why they try and keep their whole sales prices low, their quinoa is also spray free so you know exactly what you are putting into your body and it is ethically sourced. 

You can purchase Local Quinoa at Piko Wholefoods, at Honest Veg. 

If you would like to know more information about Local Quinoa head over to their Facebook page. 




1. There is a Wellness workshop on Thursday 14th September from 6.45pm-8pm at 67 Cannon Hill Crescent, Mt Pleasant. For more information click here.

2. Angus Whitehead is looking for a job in software engineering. You can email him at anguswhitehead@me.com  or give him a call at 0226092740.

3. Need help with branding, graphic design or website development. Double Cat is here to help. You can reach Sarah at Sarah.duclent@gamil.com or Vianney at Vianney.bernet@gmail.com 


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